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junio 07, 2021

We read hundreds of things on the internet every day, and usually forget them in a few minutes. But on rare occasions we stumble upon sentences that manage to occupy a special place in our minds forever – and only the most memorable ones end up on the r/BrandNewSentence subreddit.

The users of this subreddit are sharing unique and unexpected sentences they managed to stumble upon, and you can’t help but admire the authors’ creativity. Check out a collection of sentences that left a lasting impression in the gallery below!

#1 Griefcase

Image source: malonza_muli

#2 Brad And His Cloud Of Lies

Image source: doenerzwerg

#3 We’ll Keep Ye Plump As A Partridge

Image source: benphillip

#4 Marked Slices Of Tree

Image source: KatieOldham

#5 Soak It In Olive Oil

Image source: 2Apples3

#6 Name That Death Megatron 300

Image source: exhaggerated_imagine

#7 Lesbians To The Rescue

Image source: cloddishThyme983

#8 He’s My Biological Dog

Image source: Gooooats

#9 I Do Not Vibe With This Soil

Image source: meme_mayezster

#10 Is America The Rest Of The World’s Florida?

Image source: ShinigamiDady

#11 Happens To The Best Of Us

Image source: alicewetterlund

#12 No No, He’s Got A Point

Image source: Adm1sty

#13 “I Was So Insulted I Woke Up”

Image source: Blackpanther786110

#14 Spare Me The Itch Juice, Thank You

Image source: notsofancymum

#15 We Drove Out The Lubrication

Image source: theredditanator

#16 The Future Is Meaningless But The Pasta Is Now

Image source: Matelord99

#17 How Else Would You Name Dinosaurs?

Image source: genius23sarcasm

#18 Stay Fresh Cheese Bags!

Image source: EnlightenmentAddict

#19 Those Are The Holes Poked In The Container So We Can Breathe

Image source: reddit.com

#20 Illegal Underground Grandma Karaoke Bars

Image source: orchid_breeder

#21 Floppy Discs

Image source: karenvideoeditor

#22 World Changer

Image source: ronnui_

#23 Hottie Hot Take

Image source: nividdesai

#24 I Am Chorizo

Image source: kevinowdziej

#25 “Gays Are Using Windmills To Waft Homosexual Mists Into Your Home”

Image source: jackwick23

#26 A Brain The Size Of A Chocolate Chip

Image source: highway_40

#27 Crotch Fruit Employees

Image source: MaxQuill

#28 Anon Knows The English Language

Image source: HurrHurrHurrCheese

#29 Have We Checked All Food To See If Exploding Them Makes Them Into Something Better, Or Did We Just Stop With Corn?

Image source: ShinigamiDady

#30 “Festering…”

Image source: Octo-bird

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