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junio 28, 2021

Have you ever found yourself in a place that appeared strangely familiar despite the fact that you’ve never been there before? Well, you’re not the only one. In fact, it’s a rather common occurrence, and someone even started a subreddit that’s entirely dedicated to these eerily unsettling places.

The subreddit in question, r/LiminalSpace, describes a liminal space as “the time between the ‘what was’ and the ‘next,’ as well as a “place of transition, waiting, and not knowing.” And that’s the unsettling beauty of these places – you never know when you might find yourself inside one, so always make sure you have your camera ready. And in the mean time, check out a collection of liminal spaces captured by other in the gallery below!

#1 Uniformed Forest

Image source: Noob66662

#2 No No No. Not Good

Image source: hhaydxn

#3 Picture I Took A Few Years Ago In Poland

Image source: mike_buurmeijer

#4 A Phone Box In Snow

Image source: DirectorAgentCoulson

#5 The Oval Office Between Us Presidents

Image source: bianca_B17

#6 It’s Christmas Eve And You’re All Alone

Image source: Ricecakes4

#7 Don’t Turn The Corner

Image source: MadDogHarris

#8 Well, That’s Not A Good Sign…

Image source: Alaeriia

#9 The Entrance To The Infinity Pool. Once You Enter, There Is No Going Back

Image source: Javik2188

#10 2020

Image source: lxidbixl

#11 Google Maps Said This Is Where I Can Find Taco Bell, And I Just Realized That The Last Car I Saw Was An Hour Ago…

Image source: itsMoSmith

#12 It’s Not Safe To Go Outside But Inside Feels Haunted

Image source: ccurtiswriting

#13 The Liquid Void

Image source: angrybirds65

#14 Stay On The Light. They Won’t Be Able To Get You If You’re On The Light

Image source: SpaceLiminalBot

#15 Lemme Get Some Uhhhhhhh

Image source: Zenci3169

#16 My Grandmother’s Basement

Image source: KingOfLeBrocean

#17 Pool Tunnels

Image source: pepc360

#18 This Memory Belongs To Everybody And Nobody

Image source: Zayyded

#19 Only A Faint Hum And My Footsteps Can Be Heard.

Image source: Mr_PoodlePants

#20 The International Space Station At Night

Image source: Vmoney1337

#21 Dust And Laundry

Image source: Saul_Soto

#22 The Lower I Go, The Higher The Water Gets

Image source: ChillaxinEskimo

#23 My Friend Was Tested For Covid, This Is The Room He Waited In

Image source: reddit.com

#24 Found An Artist Doing Some Pure Liminal

Image source: Euqiom

#25 No No No No No No No

Image source: SpaceLiminalBot

#26 Empty Aquarium Restaurant, Made Me Feel Sad And Empty For Some Reason

Image source: macthecat22

#27 Aesthetic Liminality

Image source: Yorke_Mercury

#28 Feels Like I Shouldn’t Turn Around. Just Keep Walking

Image source: ProgrammerOld4219

#29 View From The Laundry Room Looks Fake

Image source: platypuskid2

#30 Waiting The Turn

Image source: krugerlive

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