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junio 24, 2021

Everyone can design a box with some windows and call it a house – but it takes a skilled architect to design a building that not only meets the client’s requirements and functions well but also looks aesthetically pleasing. However, sometimes architects let their imaginations run a little too wild, and end up producing buildings that could best be described as simply “bizarre”.

Inspired by the weirdest architectural creations from all over the world, someone started a whole subreddit dedicated entirely to them. It’s called Bizarre Buildings, and its 131k+ members regularly share the most odd and funny buildings they managed to spot – check it out in the gallery below! And if crazy architecture is your thing, make sure to read our earlier post about the works of Frank Gehry here!

#1 Cat Shaped Kindergarten, Germany

Image source: lisino

#2 600 Year Old Clock Located In Prague Is The World’s Oldest Astrological Clock Still In Operation!

Image source: savvyf***

#3 Pavilion Of The Enlightened, Thailand

Image source: westernmail

#4 Unique Housing In Netherlands

Image source: tanmaypendse63

#5 The Evolution Of This Building Can Be Seen In It’s Masonry

Image source: malgoya

#6 Turtle Building

Image source: logatwork

#7 The National Carpet Museum In Baku, Azerbaijan

Image source: abaganoush

#8 An Original 1930’s Shell Gas Station

Image source: DrFetusRN

#9 This Building In Guizhou, China

Image source: Looks_pretty_cool

#10 The Sheep Building (Tirau, Waikato, New Zealand)

Image source: Athena5000

#11 Giant 16th-Century ‘Colossus’ Sculpture In Florence, Italy Has Entire Rooms Hidden Inside

Image source: comics0026

#12 Living Like A Caveman With Modern Amenities

Image source: malgoya

#13 The Department Of Fisheries In Hyderabad, India

Image source: GreenPlasticChair

#14 The Interlace – Singapore

Image source: terchon

#15 Japanese Moka Train Station In A Shape Of A Locomotive

Image source: Longrua1231

#16 This Is What Happens When The Owner Of One Half Of A Townhouse Refuses To Sell

Image source: malgoya

#17 When Your Growing Family Needs An Upgrade But You Love That Cozy Cottage

Image source: malgoya

#18 This Is The Proposed Crescent Moon Tower For Dubai

Image source: malgoya

#19 This One-Of-A-Kind Pixelated Facade On The Mahanakhon Tower In Bangkok, Thailand

Image source: savvyf***

#20 “My Apartment Is Right Off The Highway”

Image source: savvyf***

#21 Container House In The Desert

Image source: Yoda_Holmes

#22 Treehouse Restaurant (Demolished), Okinawa

Image source: Eyeletblack

#23 When You’re An Architect Whose Brother-In-Law Owns A Struggling Window Store

Image source: mike_pants

#24 Abandoned Potato Sorting Station In Ukraine

Image source: Dvisionvoid

#25 The Frame In Dubai- Elevator Up, Walk Across A Glass Floor, Elevator Down

Image source: lovesliterati

#26 Tianzi Hotel, China

Image source: Creepy_Green_Light_

#27 Kazakhstan’s Tower Of The Sun By Fundamental Architects

Image source: earthmoonsun

#28 Inverted Pyramid House In Spain

Image source: earthmoonsun

#29 The Stockholm Telephone Tower With Approximately 5,500 Telephone Lines, 1890

Image source: earthmoonsun

#30 An Awesome Building In Chile

Image source: malgoya

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