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junio 16, 2021

Sometimes the internet can be a pretty cruel and unforgiving place – especially if you don’t think twice before posting something silly. Because once you click the “Post” button, chances are that whatever you just shared will stay on the internet forever. And will most likely come back to bite you in the butt at the most unfortunate time. But hey – posting cringy things is part of the learning process, and most of the time we can look back and have a nice laugh.

The users of the r/Cringetopia subreddit are sharing the cringiest posts they’ve ever came across, and they’re almost too painful to read. Check out a collection of posts that will make you wince in the gallery below, and if you want more, make sure to read our earlier post here!

#1 Keep Your Neck

Image source: cutestnataliee

#2 Dork A** Losers

Image source: rayan2002

#3 W H I T E P E O P L E A M I R I G H T!!!

Image source: PrimaryCommon2972

#4 Cultural Appropriation

Image source: Schxdenfreude

#5 So Much For Independent

Image source: StickDynamite

#6 The Woman Is The Cringe One Here, In Case Anyone Is Confused

Image source: lordofthehamstrings

#7 Just Stop

Image source: reddit.com

#8 Facepalm

Image source: lolololoxxxxx

#9 Want Another Baby But Your Husband Doesn’t? Just Get Him Drunk

Image source: Had2-4kKarmaOnOldAcc

#10 $4k Rent

Image source: Kalibribois

#11 Huh

Image source: That_dummy_head

#12 Easy Mistake

Image source: DeintegrateBaseball

#13 Uh

Image source: giovtaklaa

#14 Airsoft

Image source: klammdaddy

#15 Whats The Point Of This

Image source: Supra360

#16 She Is Not The Cringe But Those 6k Neck Beards Are! I Freaking Love Her Idea

Image source: BigPapaPage716

#17 Height Of Stupidity

Image source: percy___potter

#18 Gatekeeping Children’s Names?

Image source: Slader111

#19 Prime America Moment

Image source: SurrealSnooz

#20 What The F Is Twitter

Image source: TheTricksterJesus

#21 Wow Real Help

Image source: obstantial_is_thy

#22 Found This On Facebook

Image source: bestnamew

#23 This Is Not Cute

Image source: Radical_Posture

#24 When You Just Want A Legitimate Business

Image source: Acobbsalad

#25 People Who “Fix Art”

Image source: noname_knut

#26 That Is A Good Question

Image source: percy___potter

#27 Now Listen Here You Little S**t

Image source: Lordgrimtheinvncble

#28 I Am Terrorist

Image source: Vodka_user3000

#29 That’s Totally How It Works

Image source: Mozziebag

#30 47

Image source: Quaydo

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