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junio 14, 2021

Sometimes your ordinary everyday things can turn out to be not as ordinary as you might think. And it’s only when we look at them from a different perspective that a whole different and unseen side gets revealed.

Today we have prepared you a collection of the most interesting comparison photos, and they will give you a whole different perspective on certain things. Check them out in the gallery below, and if you want more, make sure to read our previous posts here and here!

#1 First Day Of Chemo vs. Last

Image source: Amber35

#2 Age 12 vs. 16 – My Drawing Progress

Image source: anna_ravn

#3 From 2.5 Months To Nearly 2 Years

Image source: vladgrinch

#4 1st Picture Was The Peak Of My Depression. 2nd Is A Recent One After Almost An Year Of Medication And Self Care

Image source: whostolemyserotonin

#5 Lost 200 Pounds In A Year. 360 Lbs vs. 160 Lbs

Image source: FoxyRadical2

#6 Same Waterfall, 3 Seasons. Skógafoss, Iceland

Image source: h0rdur

#7 Before And After Being Told She’s A Good Girl

Image source: euratowel

#8 I Just Want A Bigger Pocket Please, Is That Too Much To Ask For? Sincerely, Women Everywhere

Image source: Wonder0486

#9 I Bought My First Bike One Year Ago Today

Image source: midwestasallheck

#10 On The Left Is My Grandmother Holding My Dad And The Right Is Me Holding My Son, Taken Exactly 63 Years Apart

Image source: nancyxxu

Genetics is so cool, my parents always told me I looked like my dad’s mom but I never got to meet her before she passed away.

#11 Never Thought I’d Be Able To Use My Hand Again. Shout Out To The Surgeon And Therapist

Image source: MarkMayzArt

#12 Yesterday I Took My Grandmother On Her First Bike Ride In 59 Years, I Need A New Word For Awesome

Image source: f0rtune

#13 Head Size Difference Between A Man And An Adult Cane Corso

Image source: Unicornglitteryblood

#14 Tiny Cute Rabbit Compared To A Palm

Image source: need4s33d

#15 This Is What 6 Years Of Practice Looks Like – My Art In 2015 vs. 2021

Image source: aitheos

#16 Becoming Mothers Together

Image source: mamamaners

#17 Before And After I Asked Her If She Knew How Cute She Was

Image source: xenomo_

#18 I’ve Finally Recreated It

Image source: reddit.com

#19 Before And After Of A Man Who Walked Across China For A Year

Image source: Christoph Rehage

#20 Example Of Class Disparity In South Africa

Image source: 5upple

#21 Me And My Dad. 1982 And 2021. Both Age 20, 39 Years Apart

Image source: IneedThepiano

#22 Perspective Size Of The Humpback Whale

Image source: edgar_pacific_photography

#23 Before And After Of My 8-Year Project (1972 Datsun 240z Restomod)

Image source: Henness0666

#24 Cheers To 2 Years Of Health! 100 Lbs Lost And Maintained For A Year

Image source: complicated_wreck

#25 Adorable Meetings

Image source: throatgoatlisa

#26 Canadian Passport vs. Canadian Passport Under A Black Light

Image source: AnyoneButDoug

#27 1930’s Parquet Flooring Restored Today. Before And After Comparison

Image source: Fallinator95

#28 Me And My Girlfriend When We First Met vs. Now. The Regretful Emo Phase

Image source: VinnySanchez

#29 The Difference In Me And My Twin’s Skin Color. He Goes Outside, I Don’t

Image source: anthonyjanthonysmith

#30 6 Years Ago Today I Had A Surgery To Straighten Up My Spine, This Is The Before/After Result. I Gained 5cm With The Process

Image source: BiblicalNuisance

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