20 Times People Spotted Hilariously Edited Photos On Instagram, And Just Had To Share (New Pics) https://ift.tt/3pknBwO

junio 03, 2021

For a lot of people, Instagram is all about appearances. However, some influencers tend to get a little carried away when trying to flaunt their looks, resulting in some pretty ridiculous images. And none of them manage to slip past the keen-eyed users of the r/InstagramReality subreddit.

The users of this subreddit are sharing the most ridiculously edited photos they’ve found on Instagram, and you can’t help but wonder who these influencers are trying to fool. From giant hands to reality-bending proportions, see a collection of terribly photoshopped pics found on Instagram in the gallery below! And if you want more, check out our previous posts here, here, and here!

#1 Holy Hand Difference, Batman

Image source: galwithgoats

#2 I’m Calling Emergency Services. This Injury Is Serious

Image source: zznnd

#3 Faking Swimming With Sharks Is A Thing Now I Guess, By Blatantly Stealing A Background Image From The Internet

Image source: ElonTheRocketEngine

#4 She Could Be An Olympic Swimmer With Those Flippers!

Image source: AndreasBerthou

#5 You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

Image source: scorpiopath_

#6 I’m Sensing A Filter

Image source: OriginalGSpot

#7 Internal Organs? Never Heard Of ‘Em

Image source: Negative_Splace

#8 No Face Texture

Image source: OpnerOner

#9 Jeebs

Image source: throwawarRAqwertyuio

#10 She Forgot The Reflection In The Glass

Image source: sashavujacictr

#11 Nearly Had A Heart Attack When I Opened Tinder This Morning

Image source: reknae

#12 Seems Legit (It’s A Real Profile From Facebook)

Image source: CyberBuda

#13 Ok These Are Getting Ridiculous…

Image source: _IssaViolin_

#14 I Was Shopping Online When I Saw This Dress… And Those Shoulders…

Image source: saithesti

#15 Found On Amazon Reviews

Image source: twittlez

#16 That Is One Giant Hand

Image source: Leathermoss

#17 I’m Speechless

Image source: dg_hj25

#18 I Can’t Decide If This Is A Joke Or Someone Actually Thinks This Is Believable…

Image source: sierradwilson

#19 Chin To Neck Transition?

Image source: Tiffbu00

#20 Banana Hand

Image source: -insertGoodName-

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