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junio 07, 2021

I don’t know how about you, but there’s something about deep bodies of water that always gives me the heebie-jeebies – most likely because you never know what creepy creatures could be hiding there. However, what’s even creepier than encountering some bizarre fish or octopus, is stumbling upon something man-made deep below the water. There’s a name for this fear – it’s called submechanophobia, and someone even started a subreddit dedicated to it.

The r/submechanophobia subreddit is a place where people share pictures of partially or fully submerged man-made objects, and they’ll send a shiver down your spine, even if you’re not normally scared by these types of things. Check out some of the eeriest photos shared to this subreddit in the gallery below!

#1 Underwater Shark Statue At Lake Neuchâtel

Image source: 1091drawde

#2 After 2300 Years Underwater, A Cache Of Ancient Relics Have Been Rediscovered Off The Coast Of Thonis-Heraclion In Egypt. They’ve Been Waiting, Watching

Image source: CenizaRey

#3 This Used To Be A Boat, Now It’s A Island

Image source: TedHardy_

#4 Venice Canal Giant Hands

Image source: YungxAkimbo

#5 Hurricane Harvey. French Street In Lumberton, Tx. 9/3/2017

Image source: Axeljurgens

#6 Serpent D’océan In Saint-Brevin-Les-Pins, France

Image source: arbalm

#7 Water Reservoir In Emmendingen, Bw, Germany

Image source: Trizocbs

#8 This Statue Of Poseidon In Spain

Image source: yammsandasideofguac

#9 Retired NYC Subway Car Dumped Off The Coast As An Artificial Reef

Image source: R3dSh1ft_706

#10 Maryland National Harbor Statue ‘The Awakening’

Image source: Consistent_Bid_7501

#11 Many People Requested More Photos On My Original Post About The Last House Of Holland Island. So Here Are A Few More That I Find Unsettling…

Image source: Fun-Independence-282

#12 Silver Islet Mine Shafts Near Thunder Bay On

Image source: justjbweldit

#13 Interior Of Shipwreck In Lake Superior

Image source: kikislidr

#14 The Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Today. Ignore The Fact That You Are Already Driving Underwater. Drive Into The Underwater Water

Image source: DarkBlue222

#15 A “Ghost Village” Resurfacing In Italy

Image source: carriethefairyyy

#16 Diving In A Sunken Plane

Image source: Quinnpill19

#17 The Front Of The Titanic

Image source: GrekkoPlef

#18 German U-Boat Spotted From The Air

Image source: KingNeptune767

#19 Dragon Sculpture In The Lake Of Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Image source: Av3le

#20 Jet Star, A Rollercoaster In New Jersey That Was Literally Blown Into The Ocean During Hurricane Sandy

Image source: reddit.com

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