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mayo 17, 2021

It’s no surprise that Hollywood movies like to exaggerate certain things to achieve a more dramatic effect. However, there are certain cliches that have become ridiculously overused over time, especially when it comes to portraying countries. And the people living in those countries have had just about enough of these false exaggerations.

One Reddit user ended up starting a heated discussion after they asked others to share some things that Hollywood always gets wrong about their countries. People from all over the world responded with numerous misleading things they’re tired of seeing in movies, and the answers range from funny to absolutely ridiculous. Check out some of the best answers in the gallery below!


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Americans are Not actually the voice of reason during a global crisis


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That my world changes to sepia once I enter my country


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That the Americans are always the heroes in an alien invasion. We can’t even handle putting a cloth on our faces during a pandemic how tf are we supposed to handle aliens.


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That all us Irish people are alcoholics. I am actually having a beer at the moment but that’s just coincidence. I actually know a guy that doesn’t drink, but he is a bit of a weirdo. Bloody Dave


My country is A COUNTRY in Africa

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American: Our high school students aren’t in their mid to late twenties.


In italy, there isn’t mafia in every city. Only 80% of them.


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If it’s summer in the US, then it’s summer in Russia. I’m not a stickler for truth in movies, but dammit, if you’re showing a sunny summer day in a green-as-can-be Central Park in New York, then there can’t be a blizzard over Red Square in Moscow. Come on people… this is like pre-school level science.


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Not every window have a view on the Eifel Tower. And it’s painfully obvious when they go to shoot a vineyard scene in California to pass for French countryside.


Not every Russian is a gangster, an alcoholic, a sex worker, or a Babushka. MOST are but not everyone.

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Im australian and i swear every movie I see where a person from america or anywhere else travels to australia they land in sydney or melbourne and its just a few hours drive to “the outback”.

It would take you a day and a half to drive from those places to the outback and that’s only if you don’t stop to eat/get petrol


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That we in Southeast Asia conveniently provide the fruit carts that people in hot pursuit can knock over because we are strategically in the way. Dudes, there is always plenty of space to play chase without crashing.


No one says, “Oh what a jolly good job mate, splendid show, absolutely spiffing.”

It’s more like, “Oh you’re a funny little w*nker aren’t you?”

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Everything, it seems that they think Spain is Mexico


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We don’t all live in London, or talk like cockneys or royalty


Canada isn’t actually just a frozen Tundra where American Heroes can escape to and live in a log cabin off the grid.

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It’s not all snake charmers, cows and the Taj Mahal.


German Here. I’ll just let you guess….

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Most American high schoolers don’t go to a school so small that there’s a single popular group that everyone knows and cares about.


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British films often have guns casually yet its very rare to find a gun outside of serious organised crime.

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