People Are Sharing The Worst DIY Projects They’ve Come Across To This Online Group (30 Pics)

mayo 20, 2021

With a lot of people being stuck home due to quarantine, we’ve seen a surge of DIY projects shared on the internet over the last year. And while a lot of them turned out pretty awesome, others were… let’s just say “less than successful”. And someone even created a whole Facebook group dedicated to the latter.

The group in question is called That’s it, I’m craft shaming., and its users regularly share terrible DIY projects created by people who should probably have their hot glue gun privileges revoked indefinitely.

#1 She Painted Her Couch With House Paint

Image source: Telia Maree

#2 This Makes Me Uncomfy

Image source: Taylor Dawn Mitchell

#3 DIY

Image source: Salem Oberyn Shallenberger

#4 Oh. …oh My

Image source: Ciel Crosbie

#5 Local Playground. No Further Commentary Needed

Image source: Marisa Aitch

#6 Button Doll

Image source: Erin Richardson

#7 Well Okay Then

Image source: Anne Scherbina

#8 When Sewing, Always Remember Pattern Placement Is Key

Image source: Lisa Flores

#9 My Daughter Wanted This Dog Cake For Her Birthday. I Am Not Paying $25 When I Can Do It Myself

Image source: Mariam ElTouny

#10 No, No, No!!

Image source: Laura Jane

#11 $45 For Four Cinder Blocks And Two Planks Of Wood? What A Bargain. Can’t Wait To See How It Ships

Image source: Jenni Wisniewski

#12 I Have No Words…

Image source: Heather Michelle Morrison-Mikolajczak

#13 I Think This Qualifies. On My Local Garage Sale Page

Image source: Jessica Whetten

#14 Saw This On Marketplace. It Is Legit A Paper Boat. Lol

Image source: Melissa Daly

#15 Ok Maybe Im Just Missing The Aesthetic But Im Really Not Into It Made From Old Neck Tyes. Alot Of People In The Comments Liked It. I Wanted To Like It But… Maybe If The Colors Were Different? Idk Lol

Image source: Shae Russell

#16 Found One!

Image source: Leah Cakes

#17 Found In The Wild On Market Place Handmade Sea Shell “Fountain”

Image source: Apolonia Neti Gavrilova

#18 My Mom And The Cake She Made For My Sister’s 21st Birthday…. It Was Supposed To Look Like The One On The Left

Image source: Kristen Underwood

#19 Enjoy

Image source: Anthony Ashdown

#20 Just Look At This

Image source: Antonette Hunt

#21 Facebook Marketplace Never Disappoints. This Thing Is Clearly Haunted

Image source: Crystal Marshall

#22 Sigh. “Macrame”

Image source: Jen Tylutki

#23 The Caption Says It’s An Elephant, Handmade Out Of Sea Shells. I Thought It Was A Very Weird Raw Chicken

Image source: Mily Idol

#24 Just…why?

Image source: Amy Elkins-Reed

#25 For When You Want Strangers To Stop You And/Or Just Immediately Call The Police For Animal Abuse

Image source: Jennifer Shaw Reda

#26 I Think I Found One!

Image source: Jenn Ford

#27 But Why…

Image source: Justice Aasha Forsythe

#28 Y’all

Image source: Sarah Lanzavecchia

#29 I Mean.. Im Lost For Words

Image source: Keiron Quinn

#30 Is This A Craft? Idk. But I Hate It

Image source: Katie Solana

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