People Are Sharing The Most Ridiculous Ways They’ve Been Served Food In Restaurants (20 Pics)

mayo 20, 2021

You know the old saying: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. However, as obvious and logical as it may sound, not everyone seems to think that way – especially restaurants. For whatever reason, some of them see the need to reinvent the plate to make their meals appear more unique, but only end up coming off as pretentious or simply ridiculous.

We Want Plates is an online community founded back in 2015 that documents the most ridiculous ways people got their food served in restaurants, and you’ll be surprised by what they managed to come up with. From bizarre deconstructed salads to hot chocolate poured right into your palm, see the craziest food servings that restaurants managed to come up with in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous post here and here!

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#1 “Our Environmentally Friendly Tempura Is Made With Sustainable Seafood And Vegetables, Harvested In Ways That Consider The Long-Term Well-Being Of Our Precious Land And Oceans.”“Wonderful! How’s It Served?”“On A Large Polystyrene Block.”

Image source: wewantplatesofficial

#2 “Here’s Your Beef Wellington Starter. Is There Anything Else I Can Get You?”“Tetanus Shot, Please.”

Image source: wewantplatesofficial

#3 Turns Out The Best Plates Are At Arm’s Reach

Image source: pophya

#4 The Chips Come In A Rock

Image source: clarkkent34

#5 This Is A Take Out Dish – Diners Were Instructed To Plate Like This At Home. Part Of A $115 Tasting Menu

Image source: TheDefaultUser

#6 “Waiter, I Prefer My Pie To Be At Least 9 Inches Off The Table”

Image source: Froyo3652

#7 Caesar Salad Or Charlie Brown Christmas Tree?

Image source: nonsonosvizzero

#8 Cocktail Bathtub Complete With Rubber Ducky

Image source: edgarhl091

#9 Japan…

Image source: MakeMeTea

#10 Why

Image source: piper2112

#11 Espresso… To Go

Image source: Vitou-Galeno-131

#12 This? Oh, It’s Just An Orthodontic Mould Of The Restaurant-Owner’s Mouth From Barcelona

Image source: wewantplatesofficial

#13 My Cocktail Came In A Box

Image source: Sanchezq

#14 Yes, I Would Like Your “Mini Corn Dogs On A Ceramic Decorative Pillow” Please

Image source:

#15 Venison Cubes On A Deer Antler (Was Actually Incredible)

Image source: dayda

#16 Gravy In A Urinal

Image source: TheBrontosaurus

#17 Please Take A Charcuterie And Have A Seat

Image source:

#18 Repeat After Me, Hub Caps Are Not Plates

Image source: RainCityK9

#19 Nachos On A Rusty Bin Lid

Image source: mrwringe

#20 My Cocktail Was Caged Because What If It Flies Away

Image source: spandexmatch

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