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mayo 24, 2021

A balcony is one of those little things that you don’t really appreciate until you move into an apartment without one. It’s a place where you can step out to get some fresh air, grow plants, or simply go bird watching when you have nothing to do. In fact, some people love their balconies so much, they like to go all out when it comes to making them stand out.

People are sharing pictures of the most ridiculous and over the top balconies they’ve come across, and you’ll be surprised by the things some homeowners managed to come up with. From tiny balconies for their pets to crazy DIY ones, check out a collection of the wackiest ones in the gallery below!

#1 Chow Chow With His Own Balcony

Image source: malmordar

#2 This Cat Ladder

Image source: matroskin82

#3 Got A Little Carried Away By Indoor Plants

Image source: Denys Vinson

#4 Wtf Is Going On With This Balcony?

Image source: ShoutingBlackbird

#5 The View Of My Balcony Before And After They Removed A Tree

Image source: berchielli

#6 Finally Found Some Furniture To Fit My Balcony

Image source: thejyppara

#7 Includes A “Private Balcony.” It’s Just A View Of The Wall Of The Next Building

Image source: Jagokoz

#8 Balcony Inspections Are Coming Up Again At My Complex

Image source: FunWithPunko

Our balcony rules at my apartment complex are draconian, but far be it from me to break them. I’m a responsible renter. And no, he’s not coming down after Halloween.

#9 What About These Solar Panels, Mounted On The Balcony?

Image source: stereotip3

#10 My Neighbors Made Their Balcony Into A Pirate Ship

Image source: DTIT1TD

#11 Meanwhile, Somewhere In Yevpatoria, Crimea

Image source: barenton

#12 Funny Balcony (Paris, France)

Image source: gg75018

#13 I Have No Words

Image source: Oleksandr Burlaka

#14 Balconies?

Image source: Ascic

#15 Will The Balcony Resist The Weight?

Image source: natezomby

#16 Balconies Without Any Windows Or Patio Area

Image source: Anjel_

#17 Spaceship Balcony

Image source: Oleksandr Burlaka

#18 One Person Gets A Balcony

Image source: ThatPugOverThere

#19 My Buddy And I Found A Tiny Useless Balcony


#20 There Is No Way To Get To This Balcony

Image source: famyott

#21 This Grille On The Balcony

Image source: nipplotapos

#22 The Upstairs Balcony Looks A Little Unfinished

Image source: winnipegballbag

#23 Balcony Is A Fake

Image source: cryptelda

#24 The Creepiest Balcony Ever

Image source: foka86

#25 The Future Is Now!

Image source: ARGOchain

#26 Birdcage Balcony In Ukraine

Image source: Oleksandr Burlaka

#27 Privacy, Please

#28 The Worlds Smallest Balcony

Image source: breakola

#29 This Pointy Balcony

Image source: S_K_01

#30 This Climbing Wall Under My Friend’s Apartment Balcony

Image source: fjfkdkfkfkkxikrjf

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