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mayo 14, 2021

For many of us, our college days were a real roller coaster: sure, we got to hang out with our friends all the time and go to wild parties, but we also spent numerous sleepless nights preparing for exams and last minute assignments. But even despite all that, I’m pretty sure that given the chance most people would gladly go through it all again.

People are sharing memes that perfectly capture what student life is like, and I’m pretty sure most of our readers will find them hilariously relatable. From sleeping in classes to turning in your assignments at the very last minute, all of that while being fueled by nothing more than coffee and ramen – check out a collection of the funniest student life memes in the gallery below!

#1 Ha, College Sounds Like A Hell Hole

Image source: RogerFreedman

#2 Prof Brain

Image source: fukeryyy

#3 My College Doesn’t Want Us To Make Popcorn In Their S****y Microwaves

Image source: Pupperochini

#4 College Is Hard

Image source: officialsquirrel83

#5 College

Image source: ColIegeStudent

#6 I’m Always Losing Focus

Image source: Heath4225

#7 Things I Study vs. Things I’m Asked On The Exam

Image source: Chiddo

#8 When There’s A Group Project, But You Do All The Work

Image source: imgur

#9 Always Me

Image source: MustyLatarima

#10 College Decisions

Image source: lizardtre

#11 New Test Instructions

Image source: SgtSkillcraft

#12 Word Count

Image source: Aeropostale

#13 Gotta Stay Productive

Image source: maggieisntcool

#14 Savvy Helps, When You Have No Money!

Image source: BrianDawkins

#15 Ouch, That Hurts!

Image source: purple-octopus

#16 Noteworthy

Image source: fayvourite_

#17 Two Ships Passing In The Night

Image source: JxffreyP

#18 College vs. High School

Image source: Ventrwl

#19 Wouldn’t Want Smart Kids Going To College

Image source: HaroldChugsMayo

#20 I’m The Rarest In My College

Image source: Cyber-Hyper

#21 When The Teacher Is About To Switch The Powerpoint And You’re Still Not Done Taking Notes

Image source: olivicheeselord

#22 When You Know You Did A Bad Job, But You’re Just Proud You Finished Your Assignment!

Image source: ShavenRealist

#23 College Life In A Nutshell

Image source: AngeryCatto

#24 College In A Nutshell

Image source: TheOrangeWolf

#25 Every Time

Image source: coco-loloo

#26 See You

Image source: DannyTanner

#27 School And College Be Like

Image source: Awsome_Brien

#28 Or Basically Any Other College Major

Image source: Jonnyron1

#29 Yup, That’s What College Is Like

Image source: CircularJerkuler

#30 College Life

Image source: capitalbad

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