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mayo 19, 2021

Not all design is great, but at least it’s not hurting anyone… right? Sadly, that”s not always the case. Some product designers actually manage to design things so poorly, their products become absolutely dangerous to use. And only the worst culprits end up on the r/DangerousDesigns subreddit.

The members of this subreddit regularly share the most terrible examples of dangerous design, and their posts will make you question what on Earth was going through the designers’ minds when they finalized their products. From bleach that looks like cereal to razor blades with the worst slogan ever, check out a collection of dangerous designs shared to this online community in the gallery below!

#1 Was Looking For A Budget Mattress When I Saw This…

Image source: SeeSeaSerene

#2 Cursed_airbag

Image source: Tyhg1231_YT

#3 Guess It’s Back To Good Ol’ Drunk Driving

Image source: mckenziedenisee

#4 Staircase Beautified With Loose Boulders And A Broken Pelvis

Image source: SteveCalloway

#5 This Hair Bleach…

Image source: Antoan565

#6 May Have Been Posted Before But This Is Pure Insanity

Image source: Timmymac1000

#7 Branding Is Everything

Image source: sfxnesh476

#8 Similar Design, One Can Kill And One Tastes Good

Image source: 67tap

#9 Almost Did It, Too

Image source: Adecker100

#10 Children’s Playground In 1912

Image source: robabl

#11 Hmm?

Image source: awakening137

#12 This 1955 Device For Smoking A Whole Packet Of Cigarettes At Once

Image source: Nightstar95

#13 The Cannonball Loop Waterslide, A Slide So Dangerous It Was Shutdown Almost Immediately After Opening

Image source: metricrules

#14 Almost Pulled A Michael Scott While Delivering Groceries Today

Image source: Samxvalle

#15 We’ll See

Image source: Kombatgirl

#16 Bruh

Image source: abyigit

#17 This Will Probably Work Out Just Fine For Bicycles…

Image source: Oskar2705

#18 Couldn’t Get A Good Seat? Risk Your Life Trying To Watch The Game!

Image source: tdalbert

#19 Seems Legit…

Image source: Phrastou

#20 I Mean The Potential Is There

Image source: Wafflestompingpro

#21 Poor Guy

Image source: GinormousNut

#22 I Love My Country, But Sometimes…

Image source: 404_GravitasNotFound

#23 Sorry, Wheelchair Users!

Image source: dancingpianofairy

#24 This 1930s Design Let You Hang Your Baby Over The Side Of A Building In A Cage

Image source: Honeyontoast123

#25 Every Chair In This Resort Fits Through The Deck, And The Majority Of People Who Stay Here Are Seniors

Image source: emugamer222

#26 Warning Label Inside A Helmet I Received When We Rented 4-Wheelers

Image source: jswa8

#27 Step Out Of A Bathtub Down A Flight Of Stairs, Anyone?

Image source: TheLoneGinger9

#28 In The 1930s You Could Buy Artificial Snow Made Out Of 100% Asbestos

Image source: philms

#29 Food Aid Packages And Cluster Bombs, Both Dropped On Afghanistan In 2001

Image source: Chamale

#30 This Architect Accidentally Built A Death Ray That Melts Cars And Fries Eggs… Again

Image source: badsalad

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