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mayo 28, 2021

Sometimes cooking can be a real hassle – especially if you’re trying out something new and don’t really know what you’re doing. Lucky for you, there’s an online group that will teach you everything you need to know to make cooking food a breeze.

The members of the r/FoodHacks online community are sharing simple yet effective food hacks that everyone should know, and they will help you save both time and money. Check out some of the most useful ones in the gallery below!

#1 If You Eat A Hard Taco Over A Soft Tortilla Shell You Get A Second Taco

Image source: poppinfresh_original

#2 Wrap Hack

Image source: jkroflcopter

#3 Some Grocers Are Using Banana Leaves As An Alternative Way To Package Without Plastic

Image source: pr0digalnun

#4 Use An Apple Corer To Prep Roast Potatoes

Image source: PermanentAtmosphere

#5 If You Have A Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter, You Also Have Reindeer Cookies Cutter. Awesome Isn’t It. See Image Below To Understand How

Image source: hotpostedfood

If you have gingerbread man cookie cutters, you also have reindeer cookie cutters

#6 Aldi Pasta Sauce Jars Have Measurements Under The Stickers!

Image source: _innominate_

#7 Use A Spoon To Anchor Your Strainer

Image source: gooberdawg

#8 2 Frozen Pizza 1 Tray? No Problem

Image source: InvasionDK

#9 Chiles Change Name Once They Are Dried

Image source: mcshezzle85

#10 Place Pepperoni Over Bagel Holes When Making Homemade Pizza Bagels. Cheese Won’t Melt And Stick To The Pan, Gives Toppings More Surface Area

Image source: WarningGipsyDanger

#11 Grilled Cheese Cooked In A Waffle Iron (The Holes Hold Extra Soup)

Image source: gooberdawg

#12 This One Helps Me Out On Occasion. Hope It Helps You As Well!

Image source: trivialstar

#13 New To The Sub, So Sorry If This Has Been Done Before. But The Bottom Of J.lohr(As Well As Any Similar Shaped Wine Bottle) Makes A Great Press For Homemade Ravioli

Image source: tyfawks

#14 Keep Some White Grapes In The Freezer. You Can Use Them As Ice Cubes In Your White Wine, And When You Finish, You Get To Eat A Wine-Infused Grape!

Image source: Tezhrian

#15 Wrap A Piece Of Lettuce Around One Side Of Your Sandwich/Burger To Keep The Goods From Falling Out The Other Side

Image source: thebibarista

#16 Don’t Want To Mess Up 10 Bowls For Tacos? Use Muffin Tins!

Image source: thewun111

#17 Look At This

Image source: laurenwazenn

#18 I Hope This Is Helpful

Image source: charu_ism

Here’s a useful counterintuitive fact: one 18 inch pizza has more “pizza” than two 12 inch pizzas

#19 Good Knowledge

Image source: erin214

#20 When You Finish A Jar Of Mustard, Don’t Throw It Out – Make Delicious Salad Dressing With Only 3 Ingredients. Put Ingredients Into Jar, Shake Vigorously, Done

Image source: EsseLeo

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