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mayo 04, 2021

It’s always fun to find the old diaries that you wrote or the notes that you scribbled as a kid when going through the old stuff in your parents’ attic. But what’s even more fun is finding notes written by complete strangers in the most unexpected places, like the inside of an old library book or the pocket of a coat you just bought at a flea market. Turns out there’s even a whole subreddit dedicated to these types of notes – it’s called r/FoundPaper, and it’s the place to be if you love these types of forgotten artifacts.

The subreddit has over 147k members that regularly share all sorts of interesting historical mementos they’ve managed to find, and it’s pretty fascinating to see just how many unique stories these simple old pieces of paper can tell. Check out some of the most interesting old notes that people came across in the gallery below!

#1 Friend Of Mine Just Moved Into A New House. Took Off All The Heating Vents To Paint Them, And This Was Behind One Of Them

Image source: perfect_square

#2 Sad Find Today

Image source: 1DeltaBlu

#3 Found On A Collected Airplane Food Tray By Flight Attendant

Image source: TheSoulOfTheRose

#4 “Ain’t I A Peach? Ha, Ha” In A 1895 Bible

Image source: byParallax

#5 Death Warrant For My 10th Great Grandmother Susannah North Martin, Tried And Convicted At The Salem Witch Trials

Image source: reddit.com

#6 Found Under Windshield

Image source: Spacemage

#7 Found On My Daily Walk —“Wow”

Image source: iodine5

#8 Prom – April 24, 1970. Found While Walking The Dog This Morning

Image source: MrDorkESQ

#9 Found In My Fortune Cookie….made Me Smile

Image source: Layleez

#10 Good Advice For Everyone!

Image source: pioneercynthia

#11 Found This Passive Aggressive Customer Service Letter From 1964 In My Garage

Image source: theologically

#12 Found In A Couch Being Re-Upholstered

Image source: tbornottb3

#13 Was Told To Post Here: My Cousin Is Using This Bag Which Originally Belonged To Our Great Grandmother For Her Dance Tomorrow Night And Found A Note Which Has Been Hidden For 81 Years

Image source: loumat

#14 In The Library

Image source: hlaiie

#15 Paper Found Among My Late Grandmother’s Belongings Talking About The Armistice Ending Ww I

Image source: kaganey

#16 This Dollar Bill I Found In My Change

Image source: bamboo_robot

#17 My Mother-In-Law Found A Message In A Bottle Washed Up On The Beach This Weekend. East Coast

Image source: heather4uu

#18 Found (Under) Wallpaper

Image source: therankin

#19 This Book From 1892 I Found Inside A Hole In The Wall In A Rental Flat

Image source: reddit.com

#20 Found Tucked Between The Pages Of A Secondhand Textbook I Bought

Image source: HopelessQuantic

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