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mayo 10, 2021

We come across hundreds, if not thousands, of different logos every day, and have become so used to them over the years, we hardly give them any second though. But not everyone lets them slip by so easily.

Some talented designers out there believe that even the most recognizable logos could use a little improvement, and are sharing their own updated versions to websites like dribbble and Behance. Check out a collection of updated versions of some well-known logos shared by designers from all over the world in the gallery below! And if you want to see more updated logos, check out the world’s worst logos updated by designer Emanuele Abrate here!


Image source: Usarek™ Studio


Image source: Sam Bunny


Image source: Sam Bunny


Image source: Yassine Sebiat


Image source: Jordan Jenkins


Image source: Benjamin Oberemok


Image source: Mihai Dolganiuc


Image source: Dennis Pasyuk


Image source: Usman Qureshi


Image source: Jozoor


Image source: George Bishop


Image source: Michael Irwin


Image source: Lance


Image source: Dennis Pasyuk


Image source: Allan Peter


Image source: Ted Kulakevich


Image source: Ganith


Image source: Gustavo Zambelli


Image source: Aziz Farat


Image source: Aditya | Logo Designer

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