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abril 27, 2021

Nowadays recycling and upcycling is becoming more and more popular – and it doesn’t just end with household items. Turns out that the same principles can be applied to real estate too! After all, why tear down a perfectly fine building if it can be repurposed into something else? However, not everyone goes the extra mile to disguise the original purpose of the buildings, often producing some pretty funny results.

The users of the /r/NotFoolingAnybody subreddit are sharing pictures of repurposed buildings that failed to hide their original purpose, and some of the results are pretty entertaining. From churches converted into nightclubs to dead malls turned into college buildings, check out some of the funniest building conversions submitted to this subreddit in the gallery below!

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#1 Blockbuster Got Converted To A Book Store

Image source: SLOOGOVS

#2 Church In My Local Town Converted Into A Nightclub

Image source: cmdrxander

#3 Former KFC In Maiden, Nc Now A Mexican Restaurant. Col. Sanders Is Now Col. Sanchez

Image source: Streetdoc10171

#4 Dead Mall Turned Into College Building. Stores Were Converted Into Classrooms

Image source: Maverick3458

#5 This CVS In An Old Bank

Image source: Ferrari5746

#6 A Former Cricket Wireless Is Now A Chicken Restaurant

Image source: LollerskateDJ

#7 A Church Converted To A Grocery Store

Image source: KrispyKayak

#8 A Bank Converted To Mcdonalds

Image source: KrispyKayak

#9 Church Turned Into A Gym

Image source: KrispyKayak

#10 Former Woolworths, Now A Walgreens. It Feels Like A Happy Accident That The Historic “W” Letter Still Works For The Building.

Image source: methodwriter85

#11 Former Gas Station, Turned Into A Subway With Outdoor Seating – Gypsum, Co

Image source: thespudbud

#12 Church Converted To A Tattoo Parlor

Image source: KrispyKayak

#13 The Local College Bought A Walmart

Image source: Oblivious_Paladin

#14 Dunkin’ Doughnuts Drive Thru In A Former Gas Station Car Wash.

Image source: ICA2015

#15 Taco Bell –> Law Office

Image source: YCANTUSTFU

#16 This Starbucks Drive-Thru In An Old Car Wash

Image source: quiet_musings

#17 A Former Burger King Listed Online As A Townhouse

Image source: bluenowait

#18 Amazing

Image source: DrZoidburgerGrrrl69

#19 House Converted To Burger King – Columbus, Ga

Image source: retailsouth

#20 Former Hot Topic Now Veterans Museum Denton, Tx

Image source: hipsterdaddyo

#21 Nickelodeon Studios! It Has Been Painted Over But You Can Still Tell What It Used To Be

Image source: ZMONEY0823

#22 This CVS In Dc Used To Be A Movie Theater

Image source: joey_p1010

#23 An Old Paint Store Converted To A Dvd Store

Image source: KrispyKayak

#24 Former Movie Theatre, Now A Library

Image source: ForgingIron

#25 A Wendy’s In A Former Bank, Location Unknown

Image source: KrispyKayak

#26 KFC Converted To Thai Restaurant

Image source: KrispyKayak

#27 An Orthodontist’s Office Used To Be A Blockbuster – Hinesville, Ga

Image source: ilikepeople1990

#28 The Owners Ended Their Quiznos Franchise But Wanted To Run A Sandwich Shop Still

Image source: pfohl

#29 Hah! Can’t Fool Me. That Used To Be A Taco B…wait

Image source: offalark

#30 Hollywood Video Converted To A Furniture Store

Image source: KrispyKayak

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