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abril 13, 2021

If you think that people living in the UK do nothing more than just eat fish and chips, ride around the city in double-decker buses, and measure everything in bizarre units, you couldn’t be more wrong. And the users of the r/CasualUK subreddit are on a quest to prove it.

The members of this subreddit are sharing funny pictures that perfectly describe what living in the UK is like, and I’m pretty sure most British people will find them hilariously relatable. Keep on scrolling for your daily dose of British humor!

#1 Career At Royal Mail, Anyone?

Image source: RepinskiUK

#2 They Are Turning

Image source: CptJerome

#3 Cracking Little Builder

Image source: zanazanzar

#4 First Day Back At School Took Its Toll On This Little Girl

Image source: mayallrob_

#5 Too True

Image source: fukayoubtch

#6 Just Looked Up From My Breakfast To This

Image source: Pyrocitus

#7 They Walked Right Into That One

Image source: JessJJC

#8 This Advert

Image source: theelf2k16

#9 You Don’t Choose To Be The Postman, You Become The Postman

Image source: davidboi1324

#10 A Touching Moment Between A Scottish Piper And A Traditional African Drummer As They Play Together In Edinburgh. It Was A Beautiful Display Of Humanity But Unfortunately It Sounded Like A Cat Being Kicked Down A Flight Of Wooden Stairs

Image source: whisssaat

#11 Sometimes The Truth Stings A Little

Image source: AHipsterWalrus

#12 Record Time

Image source: DarkMatterSpacePigs

#13 “Gran Never Lets Me Have KFC”

Image source: ramblingzebra

#14 I’m Glad That Someone Was Able To Help With The Answer

Image source: conversationchanger

#15 Worth A Chuckle

Image source: WordSoupOfTheDay

#16 Its Content Like This That I Tune Into Bbc Breakfast For

Image source: RosieEmily

#17 That’s A Wrap, Folks!

Image source: alxledra

#18 Imagine Walking Out To Find Your Car In Scaffolding

Image source: SquidTheDan

#19 Is This The Most British Photo Ever?

Image source: trollinthebox

#20 Spotted This Massive Tweet Of Comedian Josh Weller

Image source: lebrian

#21 Good From You, Royal Mail

Image source: millsytime

#22 The Obese Pancake

Image source: University_Onion

#23 The Lollipop Lady Lost In Translation

Image source: Paperopiero

#24 Queen Colour Swatches

Image source: reddit.com

#25 I Have To Admit That I Also Tried This As A 17 Year Old

Image source: milesblakey

#26 A Very British Response, Cheers Jon!

Image source: Brilliantas

#27 To Whoever Told Me To Leave My Car At The Pub And Take The Bus Home; Turns Out I Was In No Fit State To Drive That Either

Image source: WizardBloke

#28 Million Pound Idea

Image source: GooseTruffle

#29 My Hometown Really Wanted To Put Up A Historical Plaque But Struggled To Find A Noteworthy Event To Celebrate.

Image source: dr_aureole

#30 I Knew Exactly Which House He Meant

Image source: avant_gardener

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