20 Of The Weirdest Things Found In Guys’ Bathrooms Shared By Twitter Users https://ift.tt/31WFOWh

abril 07, 2021

For whatever reason, bathrooms always seem to have a larger concentration of weird bottles than any other room in the house. And the worst part is that somehow they just keep multiplying by themselves! However, things get even weirder when you get to guys’ bathrooms.

A little while ago, Twitter user jodieegrace shared an image of a bizarre plunger/hairbrush hybrid she found in a boy’s bathroom. The image ended up sparking quite a heated debate and the replies quickly proved that this monstrosity is far from being the weirdest when compared to some of the other things that people found in guys’ bathrooms.

Check out a collection of the most mind-boggling things that people found in guys’ bathrooms in the gallery below!

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Image source: morogerrs


Image source: lindsrio


Image source: clarabellecows


Image source: thestoryofpat


Image source: ohhitsmckenna


Image source: HooliganHoule


Image source: kaitlinsimon99


Image source: kashedkuramel


Image source: alexxaandraaaa


Image source: mollyfat2


Image source: arlenebel


Image source: pabstjules_


Image source: haileighschwalm


Image source: harley_schroyer


Image source: am_wilki


Image source: builyd


Image source: keithkroner


Image source: grizzlymantis



Image source: gabemgarcia

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