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abril 15, 2021

Many of us went through all sorts of different phases when we were young – and most of them were far from flattering. And as cringy as it might be to remember those days, looking at old pictures really makes you appreciate how far you’ve come.

The users of the r/UglyDuckling subreddit are sharing pictures of themselves before and after undergoing incredible glow-ups, and it’s hard to believe you’re seeing the same person in both images. See some of the most amazing “ugly duckling” transformations in the gallery below, and if you want more, see our previous posts here and here!

#1 Today I Weighed Myself And I’ve Lost A Total Of 221 Pounds. Sitting At 179. I Don’t Have Any Friends So No One To Share It With So I’m Sharing It Here Lol. Have A Wonderful Night

Image source: CloudyOne420

#2 A Slightly Bigger Change Then Your Average Glow Up For Sure, But I’m Still Happy Where I Am Now

Image source: Maximellow

#3 22 vs. 27 Appearance May Have Change But Personality Has Always Stayed The Same

Image source: Baklau

#4 17 To 27 – How Did I Do?

Image source: Lizard_Xing

#5 13 To 26 I Still Do My Own Hair Cuts But I Think They’re A Little Better Now

Image source: tritrish

#6 15>18 – I’d Like To Thank My Mother, My Father And Whoever My Mother Had An Affair With 19 Years Ago Cuz I Did Not Get That Jawline From My Dad

Image source: Gottigottigotti22

#7 10 To 20! My Nickname Used To Be Called ‘Uglie’

Image source: minjewe

#8 I Struggled With Bipolar Disorder II For The Longest Time. The Meds Made Me Gain So Much Weight But As Of February Last Year, I’ve Been Medication-Free, With The Blessings Of My Doctor

Image source: mozakiiii

#9 14-24. When Puberty Hits You Like A Train

Image source: Air-Constant

#10 13-24. Did I Age Backwards?

Image source: ahug1597

#11 16 To 22 – My Boyfriend Filled Out A Little

Image source: AriaLayton

#12 12 vs. 24

Image source: vikingum_kongen

#13 Hi!! Me, 14 -> 21

Image source: Such_Ad_3122

#14 [19 vs. 25] 85kgs Difference In Weight Between The Two Pictures. Who Knew I Had Some Decent Facial Features Underneath The Fat I Used To Carry. I’m Glad I Worked On Myself And My Physical Appearance

Image source: throwaway94646

#15 Age 15 vs. Age 22. Thank Goodness For Puberty

Image source: macymadison

#16 13 To 25 – Life Is Weird Man

Image source: Mawldee

#17 Our Styles Changed A Little

Image source: Raxen92

#18 Being The Youngest As A Teenager (17) I Always Felt Like I Lived In My Older Siblings Shadows, I’m Proud Of The Hard Working Man I’ve Grown To Become Today. (25)

Image source: ScarletEverdeenHD

#19 15 —> 30 Weight Loss, Better Eyebrows… Same Smirk Tho

Image source: HonorReigns

#20 12 > 18 I Was Bullied At School For My Looks, Cried Every Day And Begged World To Give Me Another Face. I Was Kinda Cute Tho

Image source: tx13bucks

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