People Are Sharing Photos Of Their Badass Viking Tattoos (20 Pics)

marzo 19, 2021

With tattoos becoming more and more common, it can be pretty hard to stay unique. That’s why people are starting to look for inspiration in all sorts of unusual places – like historic cultures, for example. And let’s face it – there’s hardly any historic culture more badass than the Vikings.

Bearded Viking warriors, runes, ships, and more – check out the most badass Viking tattoos that people got in the gallery below! And if you’re looking for more inspiration, see some impressive architectural tattoos here!


Image source: sacred_knot_tattoo


Image source: dmitriy.tkach


Image source: oldvisiontattoo


Image source: hypnatic


Image source: angelcuervito


Image source: manuelitas10


Image source: samculbertson


Image source: juliedocteur


Image source: tatutomrock


Image source: sacred_knot_tattoo


Image source: shelokovdim


Image source: pagan_tats


Image source: sacred_knot_tattoo


Image source: juliedocteur


Image source: blackhandnomad


Image source: lahhel


Image source: gusttavo_duartte_


Image source:


Image source: renatovision


Image source: sacred_knot_tattoo

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