Here’s How People From The Past Imagined The Future (20 Pics)

marzo 22, 2021

Let’s face it – most of us would like to see what the future holds. And while that’s not really possible, it did not stop some people in the past from trying – often with some pretty optimistic results.

When it comes to predictions of the future, it’s a hit-or-miss situation – while some people actually managed to predict it rather accurately, many of them look pretty hilarious today. From rolling bakeries to luxurious flying hotels – check out a collection of future predictions from the past in the gallery below!

#1 An Artists Depiction Of The Future, Painted In 1930

Image source: kt0me

#2 1940s Vision Of Food Delivery Future

Image source: abdouhlili

#3 Self Driving Cars Of The Future, Circa 1960

Image source: abt137

#4 We Really Messed Up

Image source: The_qp_god

#5 The Future Of Phones, 1956

Image source: Known_Marzipan_2629

#6 A Fifties Navigation System. Don’t Know Who Imagined This But I Love It!

Image source: GiantNormalDwarf

#7 1970s Futuristic Concept For Jetliner Air Travel

Image source: bignjbagel

#8 2022

Image source: NathanHacham

#9 Television Newspaper – Some Day You May Be Able To Receive The Front Page Of Your Morning Newspaper This Way

Image source: dabderax

#10 James Bond Receives A “Text” Via His Smartwatch In The Spy Who Loved Me

Image source: malakeos

#11 ‘ship’s Cat’ By Keith Spangle

Image source: jaykirsch

#12 1981 Vision Of Suburbia After There’s No More Room Left For Suburbs

Image source: c3534l

#13 How Nasa Imagined Life In Space

Image source: Rick Guidice

#14 Artoo Deco

Image source: firstorbit

#15 1969 Japanese Vision Of The Future Classroom, The Odd Part Is That Included Small Robots To Rap Students On The Head When Misbehaving

Image source: abt137

#16 Fashions Of 1950, As Predicted On The Cover Of Life Magazine In 1914

Image source: fiizok

#17 Futuristic Road Trip With The Family (Bruce Mccall)

Image source: earthmoonsun

#18 VR In 1989

Image source: ashe101ashe

#19 Home Shopping In The 1940s

Image source: earthmoonsun

#20 Soviet Vision Of The Future In The 1930s

Image source: TarOfficial

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