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marzo 24, 2021

Being stuck at home for over a year due to the pandemic can make everything seem a little grim and depressing. However, there are still wholesome things happening around us – and sometimes it’s in the most unexpected places.

The users of the r/GatesOpenComeOnIn subreddit are sharing wholesome posts of strangers who had each other’s backs during troubling times, and they’ll restore your faith in humanity. Check out some of the most wholesome stories in the gallery below!

#1 Halloween For Everyone!

Image source: bunman21

#2 Wholesome Patriotism

Image source: EpicJenko

#3 Bikinis For Boys

Image source: vacillate321

#4 Come On In And Long As You’re Nice

Image source: thefamilyjewelz

#5 Making Your Child Happy

Image source: sonic_banana

#6 Everybody Say Thank You To Andy

Image source: Awesome123310

#7 Minding Your Own Business Is Free

Image source: Thoeda

#8 Do What Makes You Happy For You

Image source: lawn-mumps

#9 Someone I Went To School With Posted This About Giving Their Son A Unicorn-Themed Birthday Bash. Positive Parenting For The Win

Image source: frauenarzZzt

#10 Read Whatever You Want

Image source: ineed_somelove

#11 Gates Open Slide On In!

Image source: Dragonography

#12 Shout Out To The Solo Eaters

Image source: benImran17

#13 Southern Hospitality

Image source: foot-waffle

#14 Anyone Can Be Tired!

Image source: EverydayGirlDad

#15 Unexpected Pet

Image source: becauseimgurisboring

#16 Never Too Late To Join A Movement

Image source: iiamuntuii

#17 Felt Like This Might Belong Here

Image source: calysoe

#18 Does This Truck Count?

Image source: A_BroadHumor

#19 Family Is A Family Is A Family

Image source: ElanMorinMetal

#20 We Are All Nerds Together

Image source: Night_skye_

#21 Friendly Encouragement

Image source: kalynwoodbury

#22 Good Guy Owner

Image source: oscarfacegamble

#23 It’s The Thought That Counts

Image source: Scraw16

#24 Hi Milly

Image source: NYR525

#25 Stress Relief

Image source: DailyWally

#26 Never Too Late For New Beginnings

Image source: manupuwaga

#27 Gay Pride Can Be Whatever You Want/Need It To Be

Image source: squeakim

#28 Money Is Power, But Also Not

Image source: VoxorHD

#29 Better Late Than Never

Image source: VoxorHD

#30 Jesus Never Stutters

Image source: camfromthegutter

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