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marzo 30, 2021

Many of us wish we could learn something new every day. And while we could spend hours watching documentaries or browsing encyclopedias, it’s much easier to simply check out one of the useful infographics shared by the users of the r/CoolGuides subreddit.

The members of this subreddit are sharing all sorts of useful information compressed into handy bite-sized guides, and I’m pretty sure you won’t find this info in most of your high school text books. From recognizing painters to handling anxiety attacks, check out a collection of ‘cool guides’ shared by Reddit users in the gallery below!4

#1 How Paint Can Change A Room

Image source: dartmaster666

#2 Inequality V. Equality V. Equity V. Justice

Image source: hannah15153

#3 Recognizing A Mentally Abused Brain

Image source: halfs2010

#4 How Masks And Social Distancing Works

Image source: PepeFrogLive

#5 How To Get A Scientific Paper For Free

Image source: slickanglican

#6 Hand Sign Guide For Loud Bars

Image source: the_real_snurre

#7 How To Recognize The Artists Of Paintings

Image source: StygianUnknown

#8 I Think These Simple Points Could Help A Lot.

Image source: happyafk

#9 A More Comprehensive Guide To Symptoms Of Depression

Image source: starbuilt

#10 Paper Snowflakes

Image source: thealiensgotme

#11 Geography Terms

Image source: reddit.com

#12 A Restaurant Guide For How You Want Your Steak Cooked

Image source: madairman

#13 Different Shades Of Light

Image source: rickypark

#14 How Human Flesh Decomposes

Image source: saladioo

#15 Cool Guide Of Words You Can Use Instead Of Very

Image source: InfernoEclipse

#16 How To Email Well

Image source: OnlyUsesFourWords

#17 Just A Little Something For The Upcoming Holiday Season

Image source: killswitch4987

#18 I Liked This One

Image source: reddit.com

#19 Animals With Misleading Names

Image source: fsterneder

#20 How Untreated Adhd Causes And Traps You In Depression

Image source: dartmaster666

#21 Apples On A Scale From Most Tart To Most Sweet

Image source: surfinmozart

#22 Types Of Asian Architecture

Image source: Antish12

#23 Guide To Pain Scale

Image source: redcobra762

#24 Tattoo Pain Chart

Image source: toletpainter

#25 Cool Idea Of How Fresh New Babies See The World

Image source: crescentcelledarch

#26 U.S. Flag But Each Star Is Scaled Proportionally To Their State’s Population, In Roughly It’s Geographical Position.

Image source: OmarZiada

#27 How To Treat People With Dementia

Image source: Snoo_3771

#28 A Simple Spell

Image source: thou_undercoverjack

#29 How Gerrymandering Works

Image source: jacksonsprite

#30 Activities That Make Your Brain Release Happy Chemicals

Image source: Poohannes

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