20 Women Who Ditched The Hair Dye And Joined The “Free The Silver” Movement https://ift.tt/3eCU1za

marzo 15, 2021

You can only hide your greying hair for so long before you get tired of constantly dyeing it and worrying about exposed roots. That’s why more and more women are choosing to ditch the hair dye and embrace their natural looks.

Lately, the #FreeTheSilver movement where women share pictures of themselves embracing their natural hair color has been taking the internet by storm. And for a good reason – the women look absolutely stunning. See the inspiring women who chose to quite the hair dye in the gallery below! And if you want more, read our previous post about the Grombre movement here!

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Image source: sarah_in_silver


Image source: tricia_mccrone


Image source: cottonhairedwomen


Image source: srsly_susan


Image source: whitehothair


Image source: this.is.me_shannon


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Image source: whitehothair


Image source: tricia_mccrone


Image source: lynngrillo


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Image source: gratefulandgray


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