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marzo 12, 2021

Changing your hair color is a bold move – and it becomes even bolder if you decide to go for an unusual color. And if you’re not sure whether trying out an unorthodox hair color is the right choice for you, today we have a collection of brave women who took the plunge and ended up looking absolutely amazing.

Every year hairdressers from all over the world submit photos of the unusual color makeovers that they’ve done on their clients to the #ONESHOT Hair Awards competition, and this year is no exception. Check out some of the most amazing submissions to this year’s competition in the gallery below!


Image source: samiskinnerhair


Image source: blondieshair


Image source: bleachedandblown


Image source: sheffpavelstylist


Image source: nat_doeshair


Image source: bleachedandblown


Image source: emmys_style


Image source: steph.p.hair


Image source: bescene


Image source: hairsoakedinbleach


Image source: ira_ficha


Image source: katkolors


Image source: katkolors


Image source: hairbyac_alcorn


Image source: dzamilja.mirzoyeva


Image source: parlour.eleven


Image source: alaina.blondie


Image source: katkolors


Image source: coloredbynikki


Image source: teasedmess

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