People Share 30 Of The Funniest Contact Names They Have In Their Phones

febrero 19, 2021

If you had your phone number for a while, you probably have quite a few contacts that you barely even remember adding. You know, like companies that have been out of business for years, cab numbers from a city you no longer live in or something as ambiguous as “Mike” with no further explanation of which of the ten Mikes you know this one could be. Well, turns out you’re not the only one who has bizarre contact names saved on their phone.

Recently, Twitter user Jennifer Wortman shared a funny tweet saying how her husband still has her listed on his phone as “Jennifer Wortman”, and it went insanely viral. Soon enough, people started sharing all of the funny contact names they have saved on their phones, and they’re absolutely hilarious. Check out some of the best ones in the gallery below!


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