Artists On Twitter Share 20 Amazing “Sketch Vs. Final Artwork” Pics

febrero 15, 2021

You know what they say – Rome wasn’t built in a day. And the same thing applies to art – no great piece of art was made without putting in a lot of effort, even thought we don’t usually get to see it. However, one recent Twitter trend might change the way you see art.

Artists on Twitter are sharing ‘Sketch vs. Final Artwork‘ pics where they show their art in the preparation form compared to the final result, and it’s fascinating to see just how much effort goes into creating each one of their amazing pieces. See some of the most amazing pictures shared by artists in the gallery below!

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Image source: huangdanlan


Image source: algenpfleger


Image source: c_o_l_a


Image source: toratoraji


Image source: Tck___Tck


Image source: IlseHarting


Image source: SilasOnoja


Image source: Ozumii_Wizard


Image source: _akreon_


Image source: exphrasis


Image source: LeeMadgwick


Image source: blondkkyu


Image source: sambeckdraws


Image source: Kwakk_e


Image source: juaneferreyra


Image source: v_0_3


Image source: ayaka_s


Image source: kuri_huang


Image source: Rellakinoko


Image source: Criisalys

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