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enero 26, 2021

No matter what you do in life, there are certain skills you should know because they might come in handy in the most unexpected situations. And I don’t just mean skills like basic first aid or performing CPR. I’m talking about things like knowing what to look for when buying a used car or how to build a shelter if you get stranded in the wild. Of course, searching for this information all over the internet can be quite time consuming, that’s why someone created a subreddit that’s entirely dedicated to sharing these useful life skills.

The subreddit I’m talking about is called r/EveryManShouldKnow, and it contains all the useful survival and day-to-day skills you could possibly need. Check out a collection of some of the best ones in the gallery below!

#1 How To Use Google Effectively

Image source: N8theGr8

#2 How To Save A Choking Dog

Image source: christhejuggler

#3 Rape Can Happen To Men Too, And There Is Zero Shame In Seeking Help

Image source: effervescenthoopla

#4 Know The Front Desk Call To Verify Your Credit Card Details Scam

Image source: InternetWeakGuy

#5 How To Jumpstart A Car

Image source: LeFriendzonedNiceguy

#6 What Each Car Dashboard Light Means

Image source: anotherpoweruser

#7 How To Sew On A Button

Image source: iBleeedorange

#8 Know That Screwdriver Handles Are Shaped So That A Wrench Can Slide Over Them

Image source: anakinash

#9 How To Gird Up Your Loins

Image source: LIS1050010

#10 How To Break Down A Door

Image source: Puppyshiz

#11 The Phonetic Alphabet

Image source: appgrad22

#12 Recommended Amount Of Times To Wear Clothes Between Washes

Image source: TASTY-BURGER

#13 The “Heel Lock,” A Way To Lace Up Boots To Make Them Feel Comfortable And Secure

Image source:  Profeet Custom

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#14 How To Buy A Used Car

Image source: speedkar99

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#15 How To Tie The Bowline Knot

Image source: YanniFromPakistanni

The Bowline Knot Is Said To Be The Most Useful Knot Ever. So here’s how to tie it

#16 What The Symbols On Your Clothing Mean

Image source: CrapInACan

#17 How To Use The Public Restroom Like A Gentleman

Image source: LIS1050010

#18 How To Walk On Ice

Image source: swinglinefan

#19 How To Make The Most Of A Nap

Image source: Puppyshiz

#20 Popular Overseas Tourist Scams

Image source: Puppyshiz

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#21 These Kitchen Cheat Sheets

Image source: cdwallac

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#22 How To Set Up A Camp

Image source: Survivaltips

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#23 Know The Warning Signs Of Suicide

Image source: drrichmahogany

#24 How To Remove A Leech

Image source: EttClarki

#25 How To Pack For Hiking

Image source: 5_Frog_Margin

#26 Types Of Firewood

Image source: latenightfutbal

#27 Poker Hands

Image source: hathawayshirtman

#28 How Marginal Tax Rates Work

Image source: tronaldodumpo

#29 How To ‘Roadie Wrap’ Wires

Image source: Making Music magazine

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#30 How To Properly Shine A Pair Of Shoes Or Boots

Image source: [deleted]

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