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enero 14, 2021

Maybe a coworker stole your lunch from the workplace fridge, some jerk got you soaked from head to toe by driving through a huge puddle, or the bus driver just drove away even though they saw you running towards the bus – sometimes life seems like it’s just not fair, and that there’s nothing you can do about it. But don’t worry – even though you might not see it, karma always sets things straight.

People over at the r/InstantKarma subreddit are sharing instances where karma made sure people got what they deserved, and it’s actually pretty satisfying to see. From fuel thieves siphoning a little more than they could swallow to poachers getting a taste of their own medicine – check some examples of that sweet “instant Karma” in the gallery below!

#1 Pretty Instant Karma

Image source: Hillshurt

#2 I Love Karma

Image source: About137Ninjas

#3 Got What He Deserved

Image source: Zbiu_YT

#4 This Subreddit Never Said Bad Or Good Karma!

Image source: medallionstallion

#5 Karmadillo

Image source: jmonis2

#6 Got What Was Coming

Image source: Blazingfire17

#7 Kid Refuses To Move His Legs, Guy Sits On Them Instead

Image source: Supraman18

#8 Rip Him

Image source: uhhsamurai

#9 Goodbye, Monster

Image source: howiemandealt

#10 Well This Says Something

Image source: usernametakenexe

#11 I Don’t Know If It Belongs Here!

Image source: AleyFarooq_

#12 Snowman 1, Driver 0

Image source: Vlancing

#13 Just Mad I Tell You

Image source: PizzaPow

#14 Amazing. Impeccable

Image source: tinyzenji

#15 Got What They Deserved

Image source: Amygdala5822

#16 Guy Is A Jerk To A Police Officer In An Unmarked Car

Image source: BehindBlueLine

#17 Guy Parks On Stripes To Avoid Freezing Rain, Happens To Be Under A Leaky Pipe

Image source: tnick771

#18 Instant Karma

Image source: FaustinoXIV

#19 Bye Bye

Image source: NearbyDANKSTER

#20 Respect Your Mother

Image source: dobbyisafreepup

#21 Gave Him The Express Shipping Option For Free

Image source: blackxparty

#22 Oh How The Tables Have Turned

Image source: BleacherReport

#23 One Plate Of Karma Coming Up

Image source: reddit.com

#24 All’s Well, It Ends Well

Image source: studentactivism

#25 Mayor Dishes Out Karma On Litterer

Image source: Jontolo

#26 What Goes Around Comes Around

Image source: bryann_and

#27 Just Play Defence

Image source: Smoothwhisp

#28 Reverse Brick

Image source: gabedavis46

#29 Goddamn Hypocrites

Image source: Ready20000

#30 Instant

Image source: rromero26

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