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enero 07, 2021

If you think that the job of an interior designer is nothing more than throwing around a few armchairs, hanging up a painting and calling it a day, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. The reality is that making an interior design work is a form of art – and you’ll soon see why.

Today we have prepared you a collection of cases where people decided to forgo the services of an interior designer and ended up with completely disastrous interiors. Carpeted bathrooms, bizarrely-placed cabinets, and stairs where one careless step could cost you your life – see all that and more in the gallery below! And if you want more, make sure to check out our previous posts here and here!

#1 Can’t Stop Thinking About This Sink

Image source: aprilcotz

#2 My Friend’s Under-The-Stairs “Bathroom” Where The Toilet Is Diagonal And Partially Installed Into The Carpeted Wall

Image source: dbqbbq

#3 Steps That You Can’t See

Image source: Paarnahkrin

#4 My Uncle’s House Got A Bathroom Without A Door, Literally The First Thing You See When You Enter The House

Image source: muurilin

#5 Up The Drain It Goes

Image source: Winsthorne

#6 All It Needs Is A Jukebox And A Soda Fountain

Image source: Czechs_out

#7 Kitchen Made By A Sofa Maker

#8 At Least You Don’t Have To Reach For It

Image source: Henry Franks

#9 Imagine Having To Scrub Or Clean It

Image source: IdahoePotatoe

#10 My Parents Have A Bathroom With Carpet That Goes Up The Bathtub Walls. Bonus Points For The Terrible Wallpaper

Image source: jbird2525

#11 I Think My Stairs Fit Here

Image source: IsItKandar

#12 New Kitchen Style

Image source: DrFetusRN

#13 Why Is There Wood Separating The Hallway In Half

Image source: a-random-pasta

#14 I Almost Fell Down And Rolled My Ankle On This

Image source: I_am_lazy_15

#15 Who Says Crown Molding Is Overdone?

Image source: buckleybuilds

#16 The Almighty Toilet Throne

#17 This Bathroom Covered In Carpet

Image source: whyangelinawhy

#18 It’s Not A Mirror, It’s A Doorway

Image source: daekaz

#19 Middle Class Fridge. Lower Class Aesthetic

Image source: AcousticHigh

#20 My Friend Just Finished A Kitchen Remodel

Image source: SirCadwaladr

#21 Yup, The Fridge Fit Boss

Image source: waconcept

#22 Imagine Trying To Piss While Drunk

#23 I Can Just Imagine The Whole House Shaking Like Crazy

Image source: Pashunder

#24 A Shower Designed To Be As Hard To Stand In As Possible

Image source: Djuna Ivereigh

#25 This Single Square Inch Of Raised Carpet Complete With Lining

Image source: fourskincheeze

#26 Today My Mom Hit Her Toe With This And Was Bleeding. I Hate This Kitchen So Much

Image source: reemathenerd2

#27 Wash Your Hands You Animals

#28 This Shower Has Blinds Instead Of Curtains

Image source: TrixoftheTrade

#29 Social Distancing Looking A Lot Like Being Married For 10+ Years

Image source: trautwein-gmbh.com

#30 These Stairs Leading To A Bedroom Loft

Image source: zillow.com

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