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enero 06, 2021

Have you ever experienced a situation where you said a joke but then someone said it louder and got all the laughs? Feels pretty bad, right? However, there exists a situation that’s even worse – it’s when someone one-ups your joke with an even better one, leaving you standing there, thinking ” Why didn’t I come up with this?” to yourself. And as frustrating as it may be, you can’t help but admire their creativity.

Today we have prepared you a collection of instances where the comments were even better than the original joke shared to the r/TheRealJoke subreddit, and they’re absolutely hilarious. Check them out in the gallery below!

#1 Trump Is Really Hood, Who Knew?

Image source: greyskull710

#2 My Wife Left Me Because I Am Insecure

Image source: Idkyou4

#3 Manbat

Image source: kendrickandcole

#4 Venn Diagram

Image source: theLekhapal

#5 Nice Pun There

Image source: kvt_17

#6 Just A Relevant Joke

Image source: Jokerberkay17

#7 Wrong Kong

Image source: spearofselene

#8 Cell Sea Us

Image source: UrBudJohn

#9 Will You Marry Me?

Image source: Christine900

#10 This Made Me Eoomn (Exhale Out Of My Nose)

Image source: niffum_duts

#11 With That Belly, Sure We Are!

Image source: ForeignerLove

#12 Trj Education Edition

Image source: ag425

#13 Web Designer

Image source: Elnano139

#14 I Love Democracy

Image source: NotUsman

#15 My Names Kyle So Yeah

Image source: mouldycheese45

#16 Poor Robert

Image source: ExtremeRaider3

#17 When You Tell A Joke

Image source: big_dant

#18 Priorities

Image source: Entity12

#19 Pew Pew Pew

Image source: 4-eva-dickard

#20 We’re Gonna See This On A “Top 10 Pranks Gone Too Far” Video In 10 Years

Image source: aaka98

#21 Hold Up!

Image source: pur__0_0__

#22 A Whole Lot Of Jokes

Image source: MasterRWB

#23 I’m In?

Image source: Babislug

#24 Hmmm

Image source: NoDuckFound

#25 Exhaled Hard At This One

Image source: Butcher_o_Blaviken

#26 An Interesting Title

Image source: btweston4718

#27 Another Covid Joke

Image source: opusteno93

#28 Today, We Will Only Do Squats!

Image source: ForeignerLove

#29 One Hell Of A Pun

Image source: Sh_Phobos

#30 Hearing Aids

Image source: DUBSWAG02

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