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diciembre 29, 2020

The reality is that not everyone is blessed with a great sense of humor. And while not getting a joke every once in a while is not the end of the world, there are times when people miss jokes so badly, they end up making complete fools of themselves.

People over at the r/woooosh subreddit are sharing screenshots of people who completely missed the joke, and the results are often even funnier that the original joke itself. Check out some people who embarrassed themselves by taking jokes a little too literally in the gallery below!

#1 This Is A Drum Set…

Image source: TitanElectrons

#2 How Could You Forget

Image source: Jakememer

#3 You Don’t Say?

Image source: RedIrisCirce3

#4 Facebook Never Disappoints

Image source: loko5929

#5 I’ll Admit, I Had To Reread The Original Post

Image source: DJHammers6

#6 Russian Vaccine Go Blyat

Image source: idekk_hemmo

#7 Cars, Laws, Signs

Image source: lucamosk

#8 How Do You Not See The Sarcasm?!

Image source: soep653

#9 An Oldie But A Goldie

Image source: HayyanPro167

#10 That Guy Must’ve Hard Time Getting Laid

Image source: reddit.com

#11 9/11 Is A Conspiracy

Image source: yaDoinCk

#12 She’s 0 For 2

Image source: vanqushingpilot

#13 Would Of Never Guessed Mate

Image source: reddit.com

#14 You Dont Say

Image source: patatten123

#15 Wow Didn’t Know That’s How It’s Spelled

Image source: libbysayshi_1

#16 We’ve Been Fooled

Image source: sqanker

#17 Instagram People

Image source: SrWillGui

#18 That Meat

Image source: evillman

#19 Same Way All Submarines Do

Image source: alexiasimoes6

#20 You’re Wrong My Friend

Image source: reddit.com

#21 Maybe It Only Shows On iPhone

Image source: CommunistKetchup

#22 Went Right Over Her Head

Image source: Raz0r42

#23 It’s Healthy

Image source: reddit.com

#24 Wooooshing A Rage Comic In 2020

Image source: Jorujo_san

#25 Yes, You Were Obviously The Only One That Noticed

Image source: pepinommer

#26 Microwave Sounds

Image source: Gerardwayismylord

#27 No They’re Definitely Different

Image source: pwk_6437

#28 Standing Still

Image source: TheDiggit

#29 In My Friends Discord Server

Image source: Vrpndt

#30 Why? She Can Just Put One On??

Image source: reddit.com

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