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diciembre 08, 2020

There are certain jobs that you do with pleasure – you know, the type of jobs that you could spend hours doing and it still wouldn’t seem like work. And then there are jobs that simply make you glad that they’re over, jobs that you won’t put any extra effort into unless you really have to.

The r/NotMyJob/ is dedicated to hilarious examples of people doing the bare minimum to complete their jobs, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Unfortunate misspellings, low effort signs, terrible packaging, and much much more – check out some funny “not my job” moments in the gallery below!

#1 The Sign’s Up, Boss!

Image source: TheUnchainedZebra

#2 Painted Wales’ Flag For Ya, Boss

Image source: lynneguist

#3 Fixed The Broken Clock, Boss

Image source: theglasscat

#4 Not My Job To Add The Subtitles

Image source: til-f

#5 Got Those Smoke Detectors Marked Up, Boss

Image source: shrekoncrakk

#6 Answered All The Questions, Boss!

Image source: yecapixtlan

#7 Workin For The Big Man

Image source: parkinsonslaw

#8 Installed The Street Lights Boss

Image source: karim_abdelrahreem

#9 Amblivious

Image source: Anonymous

#10 Thanks, Associate’s Name

Image source: tacochickenstrips

#11 Whoever Named These Streets

Image source: SalazarRED

#12 How I Bang Your Mother

Image source: reddit.com

#13 “I Decided It Was Faster To Draw The Qr Codes, Boss”

Image source: speederaser

#14 I Painted The Fence Boss

Image source: extraSauce88

#15 Took The Driver’s License Photo Boss

Image source: awsome_repost_bro

#16 Finished Putting Up The Sign Boss

Image source: Anonymous

#17 Made The Name Tag, Boss

Image source: SandiPsych

#18 Packed The Violin Bow, Boss

Image source: selective_mutist

#19 Made The Engraving, Boss

Image source: awesomeduuuu

#20 The Brids

Image source: elikessler

#21 I Wrote Warnings, Boss

Image source: makakaqle

#22 Just Put Monday

Image source: Toukoxxx

#23 Shipped Those Crickets Boss

Image source: teethviscera

#24 I Hung That Sign In The Parking Garage, Boss

Image source: Gaggamaggot

#25 Added Subtitles, Boss

Image source: -ksguy-

#26 Big Bullets

Image source: efeigner

#27 This ATM In Egypt Is Not Grounded And Can Electrocute People, Paper Says “Use Wooden Stick”

Image source: saintkillio

#28 Corporate Said We Should Put In A New Fire Alarm, Not Remove Old Ones

Image source: Lev_Astov

#29 “Hey, You Put Those Shirts On The Correct Models, Right?”

Image source: larsmert

#30 Godamnit Roy

Image source: ntheg111

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