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diciembre 11, 2020

They say money can’t buy taste – but it can sure make executing your terrible ideas much easier. Don’t believe me? Just check out some of the craziest executions submitted to the “Awful taste but great execution” subreddit.

As the name suggests, “Awful taste but great execution”, or ATBGE for short, is dedicated to flawless executions of terrible ideas, and you will be surprised by what ridiculous things some people managed to come up with. Dinosaur Christmas trees, creepy face masks, head cakes, and much much more – check out some of the craziest submissions from this subreddit in the gallery below! And if you want more, make sure to read our earlier article here!

#1 Embroidery Toast

Image source: skyrimfireshout

#2 Tree-Rex

Image source: TheZapper2

#3 Bath/Toilet Design

Image source: Beras11

#4 Ashtray

Image source: Alekarre

#5 Brasilian Ad For Condoms

Image source: droopydrip1007

#6 Did A Double Take When I Saw This Rock In My Friend’s Yard. She Said It Came From The Tenants Before Her, But I Think It Is The Tenant

Image source: Lainbrainbutt

#7 Bleeding Necklace

Image source: njeshizzle87

#8 Batstache

Image source: bogmire

#9 Razor Blade Advertisement

Image source: lajosyext

#10 The Pattern Gave Him A Booty, So We Gave Him A Thong

Image source: JiveMonkey

#11 20 Foot Tall Graffiti Mural Of Kanye Kissing Himself

Image source: reddit.com

#12 Special Effect Artist Creates Mask Of Himself

Image source: Currynrice9728

#13 It’s Stupid, But Kinda Sick Ngl

Image source: Allridium

#14 I Want This Now

Image source: WingSuccessful2598

#15 Does This Mask Belong Here

Image source: d3333p7

#16 I’m Curious As To How It Actually Tastes…

Image source: PineapplePlanet

#17 This Texan Sink

Image source: Grillos

#18 This Lamp In My Hotel Room

Image source: GadomanGad

#19 Was Told To Post My Tramp Stamp For Tuesday

Image source: HalfAdult

#20 This Woodwork

Image source: griffithdidnthwrong

#21 It Wouldn’t Be Complete Without It

Image source: southwoodhunter

#22 A Cat With A Headpiece Made From Its Own Shed Hair

Image source: MyLifeAsBipolar

#23 Onesie

Image source: cheesuscharlie

#24 Hamburger Bed From 1972

Image source: BleuDePrusse

#25 If 13 Year Old Me Became An Interior Designer

Image source: slickdaddyvick

#26 Low Rider Batmobile

Image source: Gargoman

#27 My Best Mate Made A [crappy] Cake For My Birthday

Image source: TaoTheCat

#28 Was Told To Post This Here

Image source: Surely_Nawt

#29 “Get Away From Her You B****!”

Image source: Venarius

#30 Additional Hair

Image source: lajosyext

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