20 Adorable “Buddy Gator” Comics That Radiate Positivity (New Pics) https://ift.tt/33T5NPR

diciembre 08, 2020

All of us could do with a little more positivity during these troubling times. And lucky for us, Malaysian illustrator Chow Hon Lam, aka FlyingMouse365, is here to help us. The artist creates adorable “Buddy Gator” comics featuring a friendly alligator interacting with other animals, and his works simply radiate the much-needed positive vibes.

“Buddy Gator is a good and friendly alligator. Maybe we all need a buddy like him when we’re in a hard time,” explains Chow. We’ve already featured some of the artist’s comics before, and today he’s back with a fresh batch of new ones – check them out below!

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#1 Naptop

#2 Another Group Photo

#3 Happy Birthday

#4 Free Apple

#5 Underground Concert

#6 It’s Time

#7 Traffic Jam

#8 Don’t Worry, I’m Here

#9 You Are Great

#10 Family Sweaters

#11 Save Johnny

#12 Photography

#13 Take And Give

#14 Happy Day

#15 No Worries

#16 Rescue

#17 Weight Loss Motivation

#18 Battle

#19 Babysitter Assemble

#20 Monday Blues

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