People Are Sharing Their Wholesome Stories About The Times They’ve Met Celebrities (20 Stories)

noviembre 12, 2020

When looking at our favorite celebrities on the silver screen, it can be easy to forget that beneath all of the glamour, they’re ordinary humans, just like us. And just because they live in a luxurious mansion or own a private jet doesn’t mean they don’t have the time to stop and have a chat with their fans.

People who encountered celebrities in real life are sharing their stories, and they’re as wholesome as they can get. So the next time you happen to run across a celebrity while going about your day, make sure to say hi!

Check out the most wholesome celebrity encounters in the gallery below!


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Will Smith

Worked a private event for him a couple years back. He made sure to thank each and every employee when he arrived and before he left. He had the best manners and was in such a jovial mood, joking around with the staff. Great guy.


Image source: TheJadedSF

My mom spotted Robin Williams once and she went up to him and asked if she could get a quick photo. She didn’t realize he was there in the middle or about to do something with the Make A Wish Foundation so she waited until they were done around 20-30 min later and then a bunch of the kids and people wanted photos with him – he made it a point to stick around and told his staff “I think that woman wanted a photo” and made sure she got it. Mom was thrilled. He was such a humble nice dude.


Image source: eggsmashumactually

I served Daniel Radcliffe his dessert at an event, and tripped and spilled some of it on him, probably due to seeing that I was serving Daniel Radcliffe, and he stood up and started apologising profusely to ME. Was very sweet and asking if I was ok.


Image source: Mental_Chip9096

Patrick Stewart– an absolute delight! Waited on him several times. Literally went up to the line at the open kitchen and said thank you to the cooks, and thanked each staff member in a glorious fashion on his way out. Everyone’s jaw dropped. Made our day each time!


Image source: someboooooodeh

I met Jim Carrey when I was like 11 at a party my parents attended. I couldn’t stop staring at him. He was behaving so normal and then when he noticed me staring he did a mask facial expression and started staring at me.

He’s a genuinely funny guy and probably has the purest of heart.


Image source: TobiasFunkeFresh

I’ve met Obama a few times.

The charisma is insane and he makes a point to converse with everyone. He remembered me the third time, which was dope. What an incredible human


Image source: starshinefirebubble

I got to meet the St. Bernard dog that played Beethoven in the movies with Charles Gordon. His name was Duke. He was a good boi.


Image source: GodofWitsandWine

I don’t think anyone one would be surprised that Jeff Goldblum is nice, but I can attest to it. I was an extra in a movie with him. When he arrived on the scene, some nasty film crew woman was screaming at us not to bother him or ask for his autograph (which none of us had done). He must have heard her, because he turned right around and came over to talk to us.


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My dad met Lady Gaga at a restaurant in NYC and said she was one of the most genuinely sweet human beings he has ever met in his entire life. He called her “enchanting” and actually became a fan of hers after that!


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A lot of people mention Gordon Ramsay being lovely. My godsister can confirm. She worked at a hotel restaurant in Cornwall where Ramsay vacations at regularly. She was so nervous she spilt something but he just gave her a really fatherly warm smile and went “no it’s okay my darling” and continued on with his conversation.

When I was a kid, my family took a trip to London and we were shopping in Harrod’s. Being the kid I was, I was running around while my parents shopped. I ran up to this man, looked up and said “you look REAAAAAAAALLY familiar. Have we met?” And he flashes a smile and says “no, but I get that a lot” and then he walks off. My dad came right over and went “…you do realise that was mr bean you just spoke to right?”


Image source: MakoShark216

Tom Hiddleston told me my dog was awsome. So that was the highlight of my life lol.


Image source: sheisj

Ian McKellan sat down on some empty theatre steps with me and engaged in a whole conversation. It was awesome and I will never forget it!


Image source: BanyonNoble

Nathan Fillion when I was working at a movie theater.

Guy bought 6 large popcorns and a bunch of smart waters when I thought, “man this guy is loaded”. He was wearing a hoodie and glasses so I couldn’t quite tell at first. I eventually said, “Hey you kinda look like this guy Nathan Fillion”

He took off his glasses and said, “I sure hope so.” I stood at attention and said, “Captain”

He replied, “As you were, Browncoat”. Coolest moment ever.


Image source: RiteOfSpring5

Steve Irwin hands down, I’ve met a few musicians and athletes who have been nice but none were as nice as Steve. I met him in an elevator at a hotel and I walked in soaking wet after swimming in the pool. I was only 11 and I was in awe that I was in an elevator with Steve Irwin. Straight away he starts a conversation with me, asks me what my name is, where I’m from and if there were any crocs in the pool and if I see any at the hotel to come find him. He then starts talking to the hotel worker who was in the elevator with us and staring at Steve the whole time. That interaction with him still makes me ridiculously happy whenever I think about it.


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I met Paul Rudd on a flight from NY, sat next too him on the plane. My buddy leaned over and told me that he wanted to compliment him on this band shirt he wore when making Clueless, but he “didn’t want it to be weird”. So his solution was to write him a note and slip it to him, lol. So he does this, and Paul just gets this nervous look on his face, opens the note and reads it. Starts cracking up laughing, leaned over to us and said “best note ever”. He then told us the whole story of the shirt, how he fought with the costume dept about it because it was the shirt he wore to set that day. We talked the whole flight, dude was super cool.


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Tom Hanks. I worked at Disneyland in the late 90’s and I saw him giving a tour to a group of about 25 kids. He was leading the tour and the Disney tour guide was just tagging along so I could tell he’d done this many times before.


Image source: RamsesThePigeon

Having met Hugh Laurie in person, I can confidently state that he is one of the nicest and most humble celebrities out there. Not only is he completely happy to interact with his fans, but he also does so in a way that makes each and every one of them feel like they’re a friend. He remembers names and personal details with amazing accuracy, and he makes each conversation seem like it’s an extension of a treasured (and ongoing) dialogue. Add to that the fact that the man is outwardly hilarious, and you’ve got a recipe for a genuinely great guy.


Image source: mikeweasy

A friend of mine went to the premiere of X-Men Origins Wolverine and they camped out by the theater, he said he woke up and he was told that Hugh Jackman had bought everyone who camped breakfast. It was a little breakfast sandwich and an orange juice I believe, he also said there was at least 100 people there.


Image source: no_one_cares437

Not me but my dads story. My dad interviewed Mr. Rogers and Mr. Rogers was very nice, but the highlight of the interview was Mr. Rogers saying he was proud of my dad. Great guy


Image source: eachdayisabattle

Jason Momoa. He’s an absolute treasure to be around. He’s genuine and loves his job. He wants his fans to have as much fun as he’s having. He can size up a fan and know how far to push/tease them to make them comfortable while not going too far. His personality is infectious, and I had a blast with him.

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