People Are Posting The Cringiest Messages They’ve Received To This Online Group (20 Pics)

noviembre 30, 2020

It can be pretty hard to express emotions through text messages, and you’ve probably found yourself adding a smiley face in the end of a message just to “not look mean” at least once or twice. And while using smileys and emojis is pretty justifiable, there’s something that should be avoided by any means – and that something is creepy asterisks.

There’s just something about asterisks that instantly derails any conversation. And if you’re not convinced, just ask any of the members of the r/CreepyAsterisks2 community on Reddit. Its 13k users are constantly sharing the creepy asterisk-filled messages they receive from strangers, and the cringe is strong enough to cause physical pain.

Check out some of the cringiest messages people received shared to the “Creepy Asterisks” subreddit in the gallery below!

#1 He’s Been Begging For Weeks To Do A “Sexy Roleplay” With Me. I Finally Said Yes. I Think He Regrets Everything Now

Image source: heOwlAndTheFinch

#2 At Least He’s Achieved Multiple Awards With His 147 Iq

Image source: requiemsword

#3 S T O P

Image source: eggofreddo

#4 *lays Across Your Lap*

Image source:

#5 What A Birch

Image source: elcatundo

#6 *sweats A Lot*

Image source: VortexThing

#7 Now Listen Here Missy

Image source:

#8 Found This Screenshot From Last April In My Phone

Image source: Pixel871

#9 You Know, A Usual Hooking Up Tactic

Image source: LRFE

#10 Oh God, Why

Image source: je_suis_un_negre

#11 A Classic

Image source: reddit

#12 Inner Monologue As Tinder Opener

Image source:

#13 Chubby Chubby Chubby

Image source: GuitarFreak293

#14 Mmh Yuss :3

Image source: wowsotrendy

#15 I’ll Just Decide Your Personality For You

Image source:

#16 Unlike You I Know How Facebook Works

Image source:

#17 I Guess The Expected Reaction Was Supposed To Be: “Omg No Sry R U Ok Cutie? ;^;”

Image source: Zillak

#18 *Sweats On You*

Image source:

#19 This Was A Classic

Image source:

#20 Le Gentleman

Image source:

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