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octubre 26, 2020

Chey, aka Endifi, is a freelance artist who was born with a rare bone disease called osteogenesis imperfecta that left her wheelchair-bound. However, despite being impaired, the artist loves to draw and has challenged herself to draw every Pokémon that exists as a human.

The artist says that she absolutely loves Pokémon and has been a fan since childhood. Around 2009, Chey started drawing Pokémon “gijinkas” (Pokémon with human traits) inspired by an artist whose art she saw online. “In 2013, I loved Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire so much, I created some gijinkas based upon that generation,” explained the artist. “I created stories about my characters and my friends really loved it so much. In 2013, I even got a special reward on Deviantart for a Pokémon gijinka I drew.”

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#1 Yuejing The Umbreon

#2 Eifiryu The Espeon

The award inspired Chey to do a challenge where she drew very single Pokémon in the National Dex as people. “Unfortunately, I started college to pursue a degree in Media and Animation,” explained the artist. “But in 2018, it was time for me to challenge myself in character designing because I personally felt my art needed adjustment. So I started my Pokémon gijinka project.”

#3 Gyaralina The Mega Gyarados

#4 Mother Of The Unown

In her project, Chey wants to be diverse, tell stories about the characters, and simply have fun. “Most of my gijinkas tend to be different people because I want to build and manufacture a creative world for them even if I’m just drawing a character. I even give them personal names just to humanize them more because when I was a kid, I always nicknamed my Pokémon,” explained the artist. “I’ve already completed the Kanto Dex and I’m almost done with the Johto Dex. And committing to this has not only improved my character designing skills, but myself as a person. So I would love to present you the starter gijinkas from both gens I’ve done and some other Poké gijinkas I’ve worked on.”

Check out more of Chey’s amazing illustrations below!

#5 Sumasa The Yamask

#6 Buffett The Wobbuffet

#7 Fush The Bulbasaur

This is where it all began.

#8 Mimiki The Mimikyu

#9 Corvilea The Corviknight

#10 Chanda The Chandelure

#11 Morthra The Venomoth

#12 Obuta The Kabuto

#13 Peeka And Peeko The Pikachu Twins

#14 Woolori The Wooloo

#15 Casey The Abra

#16 Children Of The Unown

#17 Dew The Dewgong

#18 Shamio The Vaporeon

#19 Onya The Onix

#20 Adult Megania As The Meganium

#21 Jupithu The Jolteon

#22 Kecchaba The Gourgeist

#23 Coffa The Cofagrigus

#24 Leemular The Hitmonlee

#25 Hauna The Haunter

#26 Omar The Omanyte

#27 Nazono The Vileplume

#28 Vee-Jin The Eevee

#29 Adult Fush As The Mega Venusaur

#30 Zard The Mega Charizard X

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