This Guy’s Inventions Solve Problems That Don’t Exist (30 New Inventions)

octubre 22, 2020

If you don’t know who Matty Benedetto is yet, he’s a product designer who creates funny inventions that solve problems that don’t actually exist. It’s been a while since we featured some of his works, and now the designer is back with a whole bunch of new unnecessary inventions. Matty even has a whole Instagram account dedicated to his crazy inventions, so make sure to give him a follow!

From vague rulers to shoe umbrellas, check out a collection of Matty’s latest inventions in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous posts here, here, here, and here!

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The Glizzy Gripper™️

Enjoy your hot dogs privately in public. We all know that feeling of looking over our shoulder before diving into a fresh hot dog. With our newest invention, seamlessly enjoy your wiener while the privacy screen blocks the view as it enters your mouth. Who is ready for seconds?!

This is EXACTLY how the Glizzy Gripper is meant to work!

Cone Cream Catcher™️

The Not Today Mirror™️

Feeling ugly, close the curtain. Bad hair day, close the curtain. Our new mirror features five curtain zones to pick and choose what you see in the mirror. We all have those days where we just don’t want to look in the mirror, but now, you can simply hide that part of your body and move on!

Welcome to the future of ice cream eating!

We all know ice cream melts way too fast. Our newest ice cream cone holder collects all of your melted ice cream and features a pop-out nozzle so you can drink that cream later! Never cream your jeans ever.

The Megaphone Mask™️

Be heard while staying safe! While wearing a mask is necessary, it can be a struggle at times to catch every spoken word. Our newest mask sports an integrated megaphone to project your conversation for everyone within earshot. Can you hear me now?

The Mixer Mask™️

The safest way to enjoy a cold one this holiday weekend. Strap into this protective mask featuring a 16oz pouch for your favorite beverage. Use the included funnel to fill it up, screw on the replaceable tip, and enjoy your drink while staying protected!

The Coro-neck™️

Wear it up for your face or down for your chest. In those emergency cases where you forget your mask, this fashionable shirt features a face covering that quickly flips up to also reveal the perfect deep V-neck. Great for any guy or girl to look sexy while staying safe!

The MowTender™️

Mow your lawn and get a fresh beer delivered. Introducing our newest technology that combines the ease of an automated robotic lawnmower and the convenience of a bartender. Enjoy your Sunday chores on a whole new level with the most productive beer delivery system ever.

If you ever wanted to know how my inventions come to life, watch the behind-the-scenes videos!

The Not Hot Blanket™️

When only that one leg just needs a breather. We all overheat at night and sometimes there can be no solution in sight! Our newest blanket comes equipped with a tear-away section to reveal the perfect hole to let a single leg escape the covers. Now if only I could get back to sleep after all that moving around!

The Vague Ruler™️

Oh… it’s about the length of a beer bottle. Sometimes you don’t need to know the exact measurement of something, just close enough. With our new ruler, gauge the size of just about anything in relation to the everyday object you already roughly know the size of. Ok, so maybe it’s more 1/2 way between a soda can and an iPhone….


Literally stand under your umbrella. We all have that one pair of shoes we simply can’t get wet. With our latest debut, buckle into extra protection with this miniature umbrella for your precious kicks. Ain’t no one gonna be able to rain on your parade.


Never leave the seat up again! With our newest toilet innovation, this chained flotation device simply suspends within the bowl until you flush your business. The perfect tension of the flush pulls your toilet seat to ensure it safety closes as you leave the bathroom. Now, who didn’t replace the empty toilet paper roll?

Grocery Cart Hoodie™️

You are now the shopping cart! This revolutionary hoodie is outfitted with a secret expandable mesh compartment. Simply buckle it to your shoulders so you can become the perfect hands-free shopping bag. It’s a whole new meaning to the Bag Boy.

The Commuter Cup Carrier™️

A place for your coffee on your daily commute. When the bus or subway is running late, whip out this ultra-sleek cup holder that unfolds and securely attaches to your shoe. Slide it on and drop your cup while you patiently wait to go where you’re headed. Now hopefully my boss doesn’t mind I’m 2 hours late.


No AC, no problem. If your car is feeling a bit warm this summer, strap on our newest ceiling fan designed specifically for your four-wheeled transportation device. Stay cool & keep the air moving within your car while you make your way to your destination. Take that, heat index!


Your phone works just as hard as you do—it deserves a good night’s charge. This modern miniature bed features a luxurious cloud-like mattress with an integrated wireless charger. Keep your phone tight and snug under the plush comforter all night long and wake up literally feeling 100%.

iPhone 12 “L”™️

Two times the smartphone in one design. Introducing a revolutionary phone design that turns everything on its side. This L-shaped smartphone combines the power of two phones into one extremely awkward design. It’s time to take a W and get the L.

The Snack Saucer™️

Enjoy your snacks no matter how far you and your friends are! Our latest invention allows you to share snacks anywhere with this revolutionary frisbee with an integrated bowl. Simply fill the bowl to the brim with your snacks and let it soar through the air to your socially distant BFFs. Just be sure they know how to catch it 100% of the time.


Even out those summer T-shirt tan lines once and for all. Our newest fashion innovation features a 100% UV blocking fabric to help you fade that pesky farmer’s tan. Simply lose your shirt and gently slide on these fashionable on-the-go sleeves while you soak up the sunshine. Now who is going to lotion up my back for me?!

Paint-ercise Rollers™️

Turn painting into a full-body workout. Strap on these ergonomic paint rollers that fit comfortably within your palms. Stretch up and across while getting down low to complete your painting chore. Become your inner Picasso & Schwarzenegger at the same time.

Scooter Platter™️

Eat your breakfast on your scooter commute! Multitask on your way to work with our newest electric scooter expansion tray. Simply load up your morning meal on the elevated plate & finish your entire meal upon arrival at work. Pro tip: avoid bumpy roads!


A whole new meaning to business casual. Slip into our newest hardly-working-from-home one-piece attire featuring a stunning collar shirt for the upper half and comfortable footie pajamas on the lower half. Look professional on all your Zoom calls while feeling light as a cloud. The drop back allows you to keep working even during your bathroom breaks. It’s like the mullet of fashion.

FingerStick Kit™️

The newest addition to your everyday hygiene. Our new discrete and compact device features a hidden lifelike finger within to ensure you never touch anything ever again. Simply slide the cap off and the full-size, spring-loaded finger extends outward to soak up all the germs on any surface. Now are those my germs or your germs?

Pogo Stick Crutches™️

A broken leg doesn’t need to be boring. With our newest invention, get a little bit of air time on your downtime. These crutches have integrated high-powered springs to put a little pep in your broken step. You’ll bounce back in no time.

The Candle Cannon™️

Stop spitting on your cake when you blow out your candles. This miniature air blaster slides easily onto your fingers for every birthday occasion. Pull back on the elastic rear and send a shockwave of air toward your cake to blow out your candles!

Bedtime Finger Blaster™️

Never get out of your bed to turn the lights off again. This new amazingly handy blaster fires off a life-size finger across any room to swiftly turn out the lights when it’s time to hit the sack. Load the finger cartridge into the shooter, pull the trigger, and call it a night. Now go ask your mom if we can have a sleepover already!

Vote From Home Booth™️

Get the full voting experience without leaving your house. Our newest invention allows you to complete your mail-in ballot this election cycle in full privacy. This pop-up voting booth fits anywhere you’ll be voting within your residence and includes an American flag, commemorative pencil (always use a pen on the ballot), and two pencil sharpeners.

Shower Curtain Towel™️

Never forget a towel ever again! Your shower curtain is now also your towel with our new invention. Simply dry off and let it hang to air dry until the next time you shower! There is nothing like the good smell of a damp towel in the bathroom.

Social Scrolling Case™️

Non-stop, hands-free scrolling for all your social apps. Our newest smartphone case is equipped with a patented automatic scrolling mechanism that is calibrated to all of your networks. Each mode adjusts to the perfect scrolling speeds. Say goodbye to cramped thumbs.

WAP Chocolate Bars™️

With a secret wet and gushy center! Crunch into your favorite summer song with these Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion WAP chocolate bars. Including the dangly thing that swings in the back of your throat & the big Mack truck parking in a little garage, each bar oozes with our signature secret sauce inside for ultimate food pleasure.

The Fidget Backpack™️

Spin your stress away in a whole new way! Just like everyone’s favorite fidget spinner, our new signature backpack rotates right behind your shoulders. Give this bag a good flick and the high speed bearing will provide endless entertainment! Careful, as objects may have shifted during your walk.

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