People Are Sharing Hilarious Photos Of The Food People Ordered Vs. The Food They Received (20 Pics)

octubre 26, 2020

Everyone knows that the food we order at restaurants doesn’t always look exactly the same as it does in the photos – and it’s completely normal. After all, the photos in the menu or the advertisement were probably shot in a studio by professionals who do it for a living. However, we still expect the food to look at least somewhat similar to the advertisement – and while most of the time we do, there are times when we receive meals that make us question whether it’s the same thing we ordered.

People who received food that looks absolutely nothing like what they ordered are sharing ‘expectations vs. reality’ photos, and they’re absolutely hilarious. From bruschetta’s that look like burnt pizza crusts to some pretty disappointing burgers, check out the worst meals people received in restaurants in the gallery below!

#1 I Ordered Bruschetta From My Local Pizza Shop

Image source: Flyingforme

#2 My “Cookies And Cream Stuffed French Toast” From Ihop

Image source:

#3 Subway Pizza

Image source:

#4 Cheese Fries From Buffalo Wild Wings

Image source:

#5 Dreams Were Dashed At The Airport

Image source:

#6 This Steak Salad That Looks Nothing Like It’s Advertised

Image source: lilgautama

#7 Menu vs. What They Served Me. No, Millennials Didn’t Kill Appleby’s, They Committed Suicide

Image source: myeverymovment

#8 Part Of A $3.50 School Lunch. Picture On The Menu And What Was Served

Image source: orangekayla

#9 This Is So Outrageous

Image source: proce55or

#10 Taco Bell’s Grande Stacker Box

Image source:

#11 Burger King Grill Dog Cheddar And Bacon

Image source: victorius21

#12 A Texas Sized Disappointment

Image source: YetiPie

#13 The 3 Pieces Of Lettuce Was A Nice Touch I Guess

Image source:

#14 Restaurant’s Charcuterie Board As Advertised vs. What I Got

Image source: CageyCanadian

#15 Expectation vs. 2020

Image source:

#16 Grilled Salmon At The Mall Food Court

Image source: SCSWitch

#17 Damn, I Am So Looking Forward To Eating This Delicious Burger With Copious Amounts Of Guacamole, Just As Advertised, And Then- Oh Wait..

Image source:

#18 Jack In The Box Tacos

Image source:

#19 Taco Bell, I Try To Love You, So Why Do You Treat Me This Way??

Image source:

#20 Tim Hortons New Fruit Loop Donuts

Image source: Plato2066

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