Miniature Scenes Created By Combining Lace And Natural Objects By Hungarian Artist Ágnes Herczeg (30 New Pics)

octubre 05, 2020

Ágnes Herczeg is a Hungarian lace artist who creates intricate miniature scenes using lace and natural objects, like found wood and stone. We’ve already featured some of the artist’s works before and now she’s back with a fresh batch of impressive lace art.

The artist has graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Budapest as a textile restorer and has been working with lace since 2013. In her works, Ágnes uses threads of natural origin, like linen, hemp, cotton, jute, and raphia.

More info: Ágnes Herczeg | Instagram



“Preparing needle lace is a time-consuming and delicate work, which requires a high degree of attention. I like preparing laces with very thin threads, for which I used to apply madeira viscose threads, but currently I prefer working with pure silk thread,” writes the artist.



“The contour of the needle lace works is made of thin wires, which enables a suitable stiffness. The pattern and density of the stitches within the contours determines the graphics of the given work, which is a process based completely on improvisation,” writes Ágnes. “It is like drawing with the help of stitches. The lace work is dyed afterwards, which might be the most exciting phase of all as this is the part when my work becomes a picture.”



The artist constructs the “frames” of the pictures using natural materials, like small branches, bark, and coconut shells.



“I lay high emphasis on planning as I have to provide not solely visual content for the picture but also elaborate its structural elements and the order of work phases as well; which may sometimes be as complicated as solving a riddle,” Ágnes described her creative process.



“It is very important for me to be able to continually learn during my work and perfectionise my techniques, as well as to try new materials,” says Ágnes. See more of her impressive lace work in the gallery below!

















The artist even revealed how she creates some of her art

First she stitches the shape

Then she colors it by hand

And here’s the final product!

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