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septiembre 29, 2020

The fact that almost everything we see on social media is fake nowadays is no longer surprising to anyone. However, influencers seem to be finding new ways of fake “flexing” every day. Just recently, Twitter users busted some of them for faking flights on private jets! Turns out that there’s a set for rent in Los Angeles, California, that looks exactly like the inside of a private jet – and it can be yours for just $64 per hour. It really seems like there’s no limit to some influencers’ creativity when it comes to faking a luxury lifestyle – now only if they actually used it for something useful…

Check out some of the influencers busted for faking private jet flights in the gallery below!

Someone on Twitter recently pointed out that influencers are faking private jet flights by renting out a set

Image credits: maisonmeIissa

Here are some influencers that were busted using the same set

Image credits: azra_mian

Image credits: simplykennedy_

Image credits: mothapotumelo17

Image credits: simplykennedy_

Image credits: BriannaValido

Image credits: mariaisabel

Image credits: realjazzyyy

Image credits: aisha_mian

Image credits: thorkiebabyz

Turns out you can rent the set for just $64/hour

Image credits: peerspace

Image credits: maisonmeIissa

Image credits: maisonmeIissa

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