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septiembre 29, 2020

All of us have some funny or sentimental photos in our family albums that bring back warm memories each time we look back at them. And while we can’t really relive those moments no matter how much we’d love to, some people have come up with the next best thing – recreating old family photos.

People who attempted to recreate their old family photos are sharing the results and you’ll be surprised how accurate some of them are. Same places, same poses, and even the same outfits – check out some of the best family photo recreations in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous posts here and here!

#1 My Dad And I 38 Years Apart, Thought I Should Post It Here

Image source: Nadname

#2 My Grandpa’s Three Surviving Brothers Coming Together 90 Years Later On The Same Farm, With The Same Exact Bench

Image source: I_CRE8

#3 Dad And Me Feeding Murray. Same Place, Same Croc – Two Photos 15 Years Apart

Image source: robertirwinphotography

#4 It’s All I Wanted For My 60th Birthday

Image source: madbear

#5 Couple At Woodstock 48 Hours After They Met And 50 Years Later

Image source: PBS Distribution

#6 1967-2019: Same Bike, Same Couple

Image source: ZhangZheSheng

#7 My Sister And I Recreated Our First Picture Together

Image source: blackmachine312

#8 My Dad And I Recreated A Tender Moment 34 Years Later. 1985 vs. 2019

Image source: deltaphoenix08

#9 Same Wedding Outfits 60 Years Later

Image source: dskeezy05

#10 40 Years, Folks. 40 Years. It Happens To All Of Us Sooner Or Later

Image source: throwaway8286521

#11 My Wife And Daughter The Day Our Daughter Moved In For Foster Care vs. Today, Five Years Later, Two Years Post Adoption

Image source: whatagirlygirl

#12 Father And Daughter 13 Years Later. 2006 vs. 2019

Image source: jasmijnvwvd

#13 60 Years Apart. Going Home From Service 1959 And Going Home From Chemo 2019

Image source: lorubis3

#14 My Deceased Father And I At The Same Age, 24 Years Apart

Image source: the-untz

#15 Me And My Grandpa In Medical School 70 Years Apart (Equally Sleep Deprived)

Image source: Neuromancy_

#16 My Sister Got Married Over The Weekend, So We Recreated This Gem From Our Childhood

Image source: DominicOH

#17 My Father Holding Me As A Baby vs. Me With My Newborn Son

Image source: mrn00bton

#18 Recreated My Mom’s Favorite Photo Of Us For Mother’s Day

Image source: farmch

#19 My Parents In 1975 And Again In 2020. They’ve Been Married And Playing Music Together For Over 45 Years Now!

Image source: rxhunnel

#20 My Mother And Father. Photos Taken 51 Years Apart

Image source: shaka_sulu

#21 40 Years Later

Image source: bitbot2000

#22 For My Mom’s 60th Birthday, My Brothers, My Cousin And I Recreated A Photo From My First Day Of Kindergarten

Image source: tyree731

#23 Me In My Snoopy Sweater In 1981, My Son In The Same Sweater In 2017, And My Daughter In The Same Sweater In 2020

Image source: Polytetrahedron

#24 18 Years Later

Image source: __toritilla

#25 My Grandma And Dad 1966 And 2020

Image source: Jamescovey

#26 My Dad’s First Day At School In The 70s, And Now 50 Years Later

Image source: Zulphat

#27 My Grandfather And I In Tokyo, 73 Years Apart

Image source: Dauntless1

#28 My Friend And His Grandpa, 65 Years Apart

Image source: Daveite

#29 My Sisters And I Recreated A Classic Family Photo From 1985

Image source: heyarkay

#30 I Found This Polaroid Of My Dad Shortly After He Passed A Year Ago. I Finally Recreated It Today

Image source: Moojdart

#31 Picture On The Left Went Viral Recently. 33 Years Later The Same Protagonists Recreated It

Image source: Attila Manek

#32 Me And My Son, 24 Years Apart

Image source: kadillac76

#33 Me Holding On To My Girl At My High School Graduation In 2002. I’m Holding On To Her Even Tighter At Hers In 2020

Image source: mammacarrie

#34 My Parents By Their Tree In 1975 And Now In 2016

Image source: MorganGanem

#35 Me And My Twin Bro Made It To 30

Image source: emperorminge

#36 Me And My Cousin. 2005 And 2020. It Was Much More Difficult To Take The Picture Now

Image source: Moosegang52

#37 I Looked Through My Mom’s Photo Album To Find That She Took This Picture At Schönbrunn Palace During A College Trip In 1991. I Took The Same Picture In 2017

Image source: benjamin-he

#38 My Sister And I Did A Series Of Throwbacks – This Is Definitely The Best One. Circa 1994 vs. 2015

Image source: anneontherox

#39 Dad Holding Me Circa 1987. Me Holding My Son 2020

Image source: Trebas

#40 My Dad Holding Me As A Baby vs. Me Holding My Newborn Son

Image source: DasMech

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