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septiembre 02, 2020

Vera Zvereva is a Russian designer and art director at Depot, a Moscow-based branding agency. In one of her most recent projects, the designer gave cat-inspired makeovers to the packaging of four milk products of Bryansk Dairy Plant’s Милград (Milgrad) product line and they’re absolutely adorable.

On the design’s project page, Depot writes that in the highly-competitive Russian milk product market, attracting attention at first sight is very important – that’s why the Bryansk Dairy Plant asked them to rebrand their Milgrad product line.

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Russian designer Vera Zvereva recently gave adorable cat-inspired makeovers to this old milk product packaging

Image source: Vera Zvereva

Initially, the designers offered three packaging design options – an updated version of the old one, a busy one showing the rhythm of a big city, and another one featuring adorable cats. The dairy plant decided to go with the last one.

Depot also redesigned the old Milgrad logo, choosing a more minimalistic approach. The new logo features the capital letter “M” with the silhouette of a cat. The designers explained that they chose to feature a cat because of the association these animals have with milk.

The new minimalistic designs feature a blue cat on all four sides of the packaging

Image source: Vera Zvereva

Vera redesigned the packaging of four milk products – milk, two types of kefir, and ryazhenka – and color-coded each one. Much like with the logo, a minimalistic approach was also chosen for the packaging – the packaging itself was left white and a contrasting blue cat was added on all four sides.

The adorable cat ‘moves’ across the packaging

Image source: Vera Zvereva

“The blue cat travels through the package – he looks at the consumer with interest, plays with a string, looks out, or freezes in anticipation,” describes Depot the newly-designed packaging. “The illustration moves from one side of the package to the other, creating additional shelf display options.” The design was inspired by Vera’s own cat, Brunhilde.

The new design offers many different shelf display options

Image source: Vera Zvereva

The same redesign was given to the whole Milgrad product line

Image source: Vera Zvereva

Depot says that they also gave the adorable blue cat redesign to the whole Milgrad’s product line.

Image source: Vera Zvereva

“The design we have created allows the brand to look holistic in the digital space as well. The brand has already begun to update its Instagram page, and the products of the Milgrad brand in new packaging have already begun to appear on the shelves in Ashan, Perekrestok, Pyaterochka, Magnet, Fresh Market, Victoria, Magnolias ”and“ Metro”,” writes Depot.

Image source: Vera Zvereva

Isn’t the blue cat one of the most adorable mascots you’ve ever seen?

Image source: Vera Zvereva

Here’s a short video showing the redesigned packaging

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