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septiembre 25, 2020

Apart from choosing the dress and the venue, picking out a cake is one of the most important things when organizing a wedding. Will you go for a more modest one or go all out? Four layers or five? And what if the bride loves chocolate but the groom can’t stand it? That’s where a talented baker comes into play.

People are sharing the most creative cakes that surprised them at weddings and they look almost too beautiful to eat. Sword cakes, dog cakes, castle cakes, and much much more – it looks like there are no limits to some bakers’ imaginations!

Check out a collection of the most beautiful wedding cakes in the gallery below, and if you want more, see our previous posts here and here!

#1 Detail Of The Wedding Cake Made By My Dad As A Surprise For His Grand-Daughters Wedding. 100% Edible

Image source: Frostbite-UK

#2 This Very Accurate Dog Owners Wedding Cake

Image source: Grillos

#3 LEGO Wedding Cake

Image source: Cupcakes By SJ

#4 Amazing Detail On This Wedding Cake

Image source: N8theIngr8

#5 The Perfect Wedding Cake For Dog Owners

Image source: mac_is_crack

#6 ‘Embroidered’ Wedding Cake

Image source: _leslie_vigil_

#7 I’m Getting Married Today, And I Made Our Wedding Cake! Layers Of Pumpkin And Apple Spice Cake, Maple Cream Cheese Frosting, Fresh Fruit And Herbs, Candied Spiced Pecans And Pumpkin Seeds. It’s Only Going To Be Shared With Like Four People But I Wanted To Go All Out. Thanks For Looking!

Image source: reddit.com

#8 Book-Lovers Wedding Cake

Image source: hollyandrews

#9 Embroidered Wedding Cake

#10 Half Batman Half Traditional Wedding Cake

Image source: patisserietania

#11 Wedding Cake

#12 My Wedding Cake: 100% Edible

Image source: MrsHReddits

#13 An Extremely Creative Wedding Cake

Image source: SuperCub

#14 Geode Wedding Cake

Image source: Intricate Icings Cake Design

#15 Wedding Cake

#16 Beautiful And Subtle Harry Potter Wedding Cake

#17 Queen Elizabeth II’s Wedding Cake, 1947. Dubbed “The 10,000 Mile Wedding Cake” After Its Ingredients Were Flown In From Australia And South Africa, The Cake Measured 9 Ft In Height And Weighed 500 Lbs

Image source: KevlarYarmulke

#18 Cable Knit Wedding Cake

#19 Literary/ Book-Themed Wedding Cake

Image source: dkatra

#20 Otter Wedding Cake I Made Today. Chocolate Blackberry Flavored. With White Chocolate Otters

Image source: ShelbyElizabethCakes

#21 [homemade] Wedding Cake

Image source: tomallerton

#22 Wedding Cake

#23 This Is A Wedding Cake I Made For Very Special Friends

Image source: emmajaynecakedesign

#24 Secret Identity Of A Wedding Cake

Image source: Tier By Tier

#25 What Do Y’all Think About Modern Wedding Cakes? I Made This Beauty For A Modern Wedding At A Warehouse

Image source: ShelbyElizabethCakes

#26 Self Made Forest Wedding Cake For My Sister

Image source: kuyl0405

#27 Wedding Cake

#28 The Wedding I’m At Has The Best Cake I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: WTFjones

#29 Wedding Cake

#30 Staircase Wedding Cake

More info: camelliacakes

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