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septiembre 15, 2020

FriendsMarried With ChildrenSeinfeld – all of these shows have become rather iconic and it’s hard to imagine them being any other way than they are now. But, believe it or not, these shows and many others were originally supposed to have very different names – and honestly, I’m pretty glad the creators changed their minds. After all, Montauk just doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way Stranger Things does.

Check out a collection of popular TV shows and movies that originally had very different names in the gallery below – I’m pretty sure you’ll be surprised. And if you want to see more weird original names of things, see our previous post here!

#1 Mr. Bean

Image source: ITV

#2 Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Image source: The WB

#3 Monty Python’s Flying Circus

Image source: BBC

#4 Friends

Image source: NBC

#5 That 70’s Show

Image source: Fox

#6 Stranger Things

Image source: Netflix

#7 The Big Bang Theory

Image source: CBS

#8 Lost

Image source: ABC

#9 Charmed

Image source: The WB

#10 Married With Children

Image source: Fox

#11 This Is Us

Image source: NBC

#12 Grey’s Anatomy

Image source: ABC

#13 New Girl

Image source: Fox

#14 Seinfeld

Image source: NBC

#15 Happy Days

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