Man Creates A “Mask Gun” That Shoots Face Masks Onto Anti-Maskers’ Faces From A Distance

agosto 18, 2020

Even though there’s a global pandemic currently happening, some people still think that wearing a face mask is optional. Even worse, some even think that not wearing one is some sort of a political statement! Well, whatever their reasons for not wearing them may be, YouTuber Allen Pan decided to put a stop to this nonsense by creating a gun that shoots face masks onto anti-maskers’ faces.

In his latest video, Allen explained that he could have simply made a fun educational video about the effectiveness of masks but numerous ones have already been made and if they worked, they would have worked by now. That’s when he decided to come up with an American solution to an American problem.

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Allen Pan is a YouTuber who decided to put a stop to anti-maskers

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And he did that by creating a gun that shoots face masks onto anti-maskers’ faces

“American problems require American solutions”

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The man noticed that what the coronavirus protesters really care about is the Second Amendment that protects the individual right to keep and bear arms. That’s when he decided to combine the Second Amendment with Healthcare – and thus the mask gun was born.

Allen detailed the whole process of making the face mask launcher in the video below

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Like any good inventor, Allen tested the gun out on himself

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Image credits: sufficientlyadvanced

After trying out the gun on himself, Allen set out to Huntington Beach in California where he tried to talk people into trying out his new invention. And although they were reluctant, some of them eventually agreed to try it out on a mannequin. Sadly, the results were rather disappointing – but the inventor is definitely onto something! Let’s hope we’ll see a revised version of Allen’s face mask gun in the near future!

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