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agosto 20, 2020

My Neighbor Totoro is probably one the most famous animated films to ever come out of Japan. The 1988 movie, written by Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki and animated by Studio Ghibli, features a giant spirit named Totoro, that has become a beloved character of many children (and adults) all over the world. Inspired by this iconic character, one elderly Japanese couple from Takahuru, Miyazaki decided to surprise their grandchildren by creating a full-size replica of the bus stop scene from the movie – and it soon became a popular tourist attraction!

See how the Totoro bus stop was created in the gallery below!

Inspired by My Neighbor Totoro, an elderly Japanese couple built a full-size replica of the bus stop scene

The grandfather built the giant sculpture from scratch

The sculpture took multiple layers of concrete to complete

Here’s the sculpture about halfway through

The sculpture was surrounded by a layer of bricks to give it some strength

Then came the decoration part

And here’s the final product!

Looks like the grandchildren couldn’t be more happy

Not long after the bus stop was built, it became a popular tourist attraction

Image credits: ikeimage

People from all over Japan flock to Takahuru just to have their picture taken

Image credits: satomisakas

Make sure to stop by the next time you’re visiting Japan!

Image credits: yukogram.220

Check out a video of the bus stop from above below!

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