This Nature-Inspired Table Mimics The Wings Of A Beetle

julio 01, 2020

Radhika Dhumal is a furniture designer and a Master’s student at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India. Looking at the designer’s projects, it becomes clear that she isn’t afraid of non-traditional designs that might surprise you with their ingenuity. Just take this unique beetle-shaped table that Radhika created a little while ago. The designer calls it Elytra and says it was inspired by the movement of the wings (elytra) of a beetle. And don’t think that the table’s unique shape is just a gimmick – the “wings” of the table can actually be opened to add extra space!

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Furniture designer Radhika Dhumal has created a unique table inspired by the wings of a beetle

“‘Elytra’ is designed in a way that allows the user easy access to the table top because of its non-static nature,” writes the designer.

The “wings” of the table can be extended to create more space

Radhika describes the table as “a biomimetic, dynamic furniture piece that is an interactive table that intrigues the user and is a perfect conversation starter over a cup of coffee!”

The designer says that the wooden texture was “an absolute delight to work with”.

Radhika’s Elytra table has even won her a three-week scholarship in the Istituto Marangoni fashion and design school in Milan!

Sadly, even though most of us would love to have such a unique piece of furniture in our homes, it doesn’t look like the Elytra table is up for sale.

Radhika even shared her concept sketches

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